Thursday, October 27, 2005

Teh tarik pool

Yesterday I was SO free at work until I was counting the hours to go home. Mer fetched me at 5pm and just when we got on NKVE, we were stuck. I thought maybe it's because of the rain, or people leaving for their home town or maybe an accident.

It turned out to be bumper-to-bumper aaalllllll the way. What usually took us 10 minutes took an hour. It was frustrating especially for Mer who was driving manual.

When we were reaching the Bukit Jelutong exit, the plus officials redirected traffic to the flyover leading towards USJ/KLIA/Putrajaya. When we looked down to see the cause of the detour, I was amazed to see a huge pool of teh-tarik! Flash floods from the earlier downpour.

Our plan to break fast at my place was cancelled and went to Subang Parade instead. But it's not all bad. Mer managed to do some Raya shopping ;)

Today I will be more occupied than yesterday, thank God! I couldn't stand the boredom. Media Prima CEO called for all staffs to assemble at the lobby for an 'important announcement'. Hmmm...this is perculiar. This has never happened (since I worked here) coz announcements are usually made through e-mails or memos. I hope it's a good news...please make it a good news. Hey, it should be right? He wouldn't wanna call for everyone if it's no good.

I might be spending the whole night at the office, decorating for Deepavali and Raya. There's this inter-company competition going on for the best decoration. The judges will be judging on Friday and as of this morning, nothing is done. Furthermore, the theme is Songket. Where the heck are we gonna find bargain songkets to be used as drapes?

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