Sunday, October 09, 2005

Setar city

Phew...5-6 hour drive to Alor Setar with the TV3 van was tiring! But what to do, we were told to save the company's money *$igh*

My respondent over there was a 42-year-old man whose heart enlarged about 4 times the normal size and filled his whole chest. It was amazing to see his pulse beating so hard. Check it out on Medik TV - 19 Nov. Yeah, long break.

It was one of the most emotional shoots I've done so far. Here's what happened:

The anesthetist met the patient and wife in the ward to brief him on every single detail of what he'll go through on the day of the surgery.

He mentioned everything:
They'll stop his heart, get the machine to breathe for him, he'll feel 'little' pain (from a scale of 1 to 10 = 4), he'll have a tube in his throat when he wakes up and a lot more.

While the doctor goes on and on, the couple held hands. The patient nodded along the way and had a smile on his face occasionally. Just as the doctor turns around to leave, he grabbed his wife.

They hugged and cried..

I almost cried over there and I almost cried again when I previewed the tape. Got my colleague, Ina, to see it and she cried! The fact that we caught that on camera and it's one of real life experience, it's amazing..

They had a reason to be extra worried. The operation was a high-risked one. It was no ordinary heart bypass but a heart valve replacement. They put mechanical valves inside his heart so that it can function normally.

Technician and me

Me with another 'teddy-bear'
The surgery lasted for a good 6 hours. We were tired and hungry but can't stop til work was done. Good thing the surgery went well and the patient turned out ok.

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