Monday, October 24, 2005

My day at the castle

I've always dreamt of being a princess, living in a castle, wearing a large gown with a crown, ballroom dancing with my prince (that's the effect of disney movies overdose).

Last Friday I had the chance to step foot in a REAL castle. Referring to my previous post, I was in Kuala Kangsar for Al-Kulliyah. Only when I was there that I knew it was done in the castle's compound.

We had some time to kill while waiting for break fast time. So one castle-person brought us around the castle. We didn't tour the whole place though. We were brought to the 'singgah sana', where all official royal events take place, like the pertabalans and such (I'll upload the picture soon). I was mesmerized *_* Yellow, gold, everywhere!

Mastura, Farah Adeeba and mua

Break fast took place at the 'Dewan Santapan', a HUGE dining hall that can accomodate thousands of people. There was about 200 people that time I guess..TV3 people, important government people and invited Al-Kulliyah audience.

We had our break fast at one side of the hall. Nice food! Jelly, cucoq kodoq, kuih pelita, bubur lamboq..yummm!While break fasting, I got into conversation with one lady who was sitting opposite of me. She was friendly, sharing stories about her family and such. She has sons who studies/d in MMU too (Saturday afternoon Dzayed called saying that that was his mommy...what a small world!).

We were half way enjoying our food when there was an announcement for all ladies to move to the surau for maghrib prayers. We (myself, Mastura, Farah and Zakiah) are entitled to 'jamak' our prayers, so we thought we could join those who can't pray and continue eating.

Soon we realised all ladies have left the table but us and all the men were staring at us (I think the prince was too). Imagine the embarrassment! So we hurried out just in time before the men start leaving their table. Apparently it is the adat for all ladies to leave the table be it period or not.

We were brought to the other side of the hall for the main course. Uuh..tomato rice with meat, prawn, chicken...yummm..

We planned to leave for KL right after dinner (although there was Isya' prayer, Tarawih and light drinks after that). Much to our dismay, we were instructed by the bosses to stay till the end because 'the prince wants to meet us'.

When we did attend the teh-tarik drinking session, the prince didn't even meet us! We were tricked into staying..hmph! We ended up reaching TV3 at 12.30 midnight.

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