Saturday, October 29, 2005

It's Hari Raya fever!

Referring to my previous post regarding office raya decoration competition.. Along with about 20 other colleagues stayed up til 4 am getting our office nicely done. has been a while since I slept that late.

10 pm -12 am In the early process of decorating

12 am - 2 am House is being build

2 - 4 am Half way through

4 am The 'Bersamamu' concept is done! ;)

We had a whole lot of lights and raya cards hung, which I forgot to take a photo of :D At the entrance to the office was decorated according to the Deepavali theme, which I also forgot to snap. Sorry! But hey, we had a real banana tree!

In case you don't realise, we had drapes hung on the ceiling (check out the 2nd pic). The main attraction is of course the 3D house with a TV in the middle of the house that acts as a window. We froze a visual of an old lady looking out of the window, as if waiting for her family to come visit.

Regarding the IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT by the Media Prima CEO. It turns out on that day, last Thursday, they officially took over NTV7. He wanted the staffs to be the first to know. How sweet..hehe! Hope it doesn't affect our bonus or payrise :P I guess as most of you have read in the papers, Media Prima has monopolized all private TV stations in the country.We were told not to be arrogant but stay humble. Very nice man that Abd Rahman.

Abdul Rahman Ahmad (right) with another nice man, Media Prima chairman Datuk Abdul Mutalib Mohamed Razak

It's Raya season. Hope everyone will have a great time ahead and drive carefully ;) As for me, I'll be spending my Raya right here in KL, since most of my relatives are around here. My granny's just a kilometer away ;)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri everyone!
Maaf Zahir Batin..

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