Wednesday, October 19, 2005

having mixed emotions, I am

I was ecstatic when I received this news from my colleague: My work was acknowledged by one of the top people in TV3 (not the Dato lah :P). I didn't even know she (yes, she) knew my name. You know, being a normal-ranked employee and such. Oh, I felt motivation building inside!

I'll be off to Kuala Kangsar this Friday for a day trip with 3 other people. We were requested to attend the live broadcast of Al-Kulliyah inconjunction with Nuzul Quran because the Raja Muda and Raja Dihilir will be there. I not quite sure what our roles are actually..hmm..

Tonight I discovered I was forgetten by people close to me, again. Sad but true. I still managed to laugh about it the first time it happened. But second time in a row? I don't find humour in it anymore. It's like being pinched. Do it once would be like being bitten by an ant. Do it again, ouch!! Ah well, at least I wasn't disregarded in the end.

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