Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What am I doing?

I'm at work, but I don't have any work. The only thing I have in my to-do list is to wait for reply from the hospital. Who knows when that'll be. At the moment, I'm just hanging around looking busy.

The worse part is, all of my friends aren't around. They are either sick, on outstation duty or on leave. I'm stuck alone with the boss..damn! This office is practically empty. There are only 4 people within my 20m radious. That reminds me of this song: lonelyyyy..i'm so lonelyyy..

Thought I could take leave today but my producer adviced me against it since there won't be anyone around to attend to MedikTV matters. So I'm the victim :( If only I had a car, I would go home (or anywhere else for that matter) and come back later. At least I won't be stuck in this boredom.

It's only 11 am, 7 more hours to go. Aaargh!

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