Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My Journey to Jakarta

Weee...I'm back from Jakarta! Actually I've been back since last Wednesday but haven't had the chance to write. Work demanded most of my time and energy.

My trip was amazing! My aunt fetched my mom and me at the airport. I say, she's quite a babe for her age. It's the first time I remember meeting her. She stayed in Malaysia when I was about 6 years old, but I don't remember that anymore.

We stayed at her place with her family and mom (or should I say, my grandaunt). This grandauntie of mine was in tears when we got there. It has been over 22 years since she last met us. She helped take care of my mom when I was born. So the only memory she had of me before this was as a crying newborn. What a reunion :)

We spent our first day resting and catching up at their home. Started our shopping journey the next day. It's a great shopping destination I tell you! Everything was so much cheaper than over here.

We first went to this exclusive batik boutique. I bought myself a batik cloth for a set of kebaya and a gift for Mer's mom. My mom then got me a very nice attire as my early birthday present. Yay! :)

Later we went to this mall called 'Grande' (The size is comparable to Sunway Pyramid). Unlike malls over here with a lot of open spaces and shoplots, this whole mall is one whole departmental store. Meaning, they fully utilize every floor. Imagine, going down the escalator to the shoe-department. It was FLOODED with shoes! I didn't even know where to start. Hehe..

Our last stop for the day was Hard Rock Cafe ;) To be more specific, we went to the Hard Rock Store. Got t-shirts for myself, Mer, a colleague (who asked for it) and one each for my brothers. Actually there were 6, how come I'm short by 1? Ah, nevermind.

The next day we went to the 'Grande' mall again. This time to cover the batik floor which we forgot to go the day before. Got some souvenirs and a pretty pink sarong.

Then went on a 2-hour drive to this place called ITC (not a computer/electronic store). That place is best for bargains and its choices. Good thing we had my aunt to bring us around. She got us really good bargains. One important thing that I got done over there is: I ordered my invitation cards :D

The 3rd day, we we went back to ITC since we didn't finish covering that one also. This time it didn't take so long to get there coz the traffic was a lot better. (Through my observation, not 1 minute goes without the sound of vehicles honking).

Later we visited a granduncle of mine. He used to be an IGP (high ranked police in Indonesia). It was my first time meeting him as well, same goes for my mom. He still looks and speaks a lot like a police. His house was HUGE that it almost felt scary to be around at night.

That was the last stop for us. We packed our stuff and prepare for the flight the next day. I planned to get more souvenirs at the airport and send a postcard to my boss (she collects them). Had to scrape the plan. The traffic was quite bad that we were 15 minutes late to check in. Lucky thing we were still allowed to board.

But our 21kg access baggage added to our delay. The amount due was about Rp350,000. We only had Rp120,000 in cash left and they didn't accept credit cards, I think. So they agreed to make do with what we had and asked us to hurry up. Hehe..

So that was my trip. Hooray! Pictures you ask? Well, here's the thing: my aunt was the one who did all the snapping (with her camera). She said she'll burn them in a CD for us to bring home. But we were in a rush that she didn't have time to do it. But her husband will be coming here soon. So he'll pass it to us then. In the mean time, we just hafta wait.

As of now, I'm back at work getting on with normal life. A bit relaxed today but will be very hectic soon. Hopefully I'll have time to write more often. Layta! ;)

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