Friday, September 02, 2005

I'm A Fan

I am a big fan of Afdlin Shauki's.

I might not have mentioned this much before but he has been in my Friendster's Who I Want To Meet for quite a while. (Actually I might've seen him around TV3 once but suddenly overcame with shyness and walked away..haha!) His talents remind me of the late P Ramlee: Comedian, actor, director, singer, composer. How often do you get that nowadays?

While other people were busy at work, I was relaxing at my comfy home in the middle of the afternoon reading the papers. That was when I came across an article on him. Waddaya know..they say he's P Ramlee in the making! There was also mention of his blog. I quickly visited it and it was so much fun reading them and getting into the his head.

Believe it or not, I've been on leave from last week up to next week. 3 whole weeks! But it hasn't been much of a leave for me. I went to work anyway, although I come and go as I please. I just had to get an episode done within my leave (which includes the shooting, editing and scripting). If I don't, I might just get my ass kicked by them bosses. We are short of people ya know.

I'll be on my way to Jakarta tomorrow for 5 whole days. Woohoo! It will just be my mom and me. We'll be staying at a relative's place. With accomodation saved, we get to do a whole lot more shopping. Yes!

It is Mer's birthday today! I'll describe what I got him once I've given him the gift(s). As for tonight, we'll be out on a romantic dinner ;)

Happy '20-something' Birthday Mer!

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