Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Kawe Kechek Kelate

Birthday shoutouts to my 2 best friends, who happen to share the same birthday, the same birth place, same doctor and went to the same schools. Mun happens to be the pengantin baru and Heydeq just got back from UK and started her job this week, as I've heard. Congrats!

Happy 23rd Birthday, Mun!

Happy 23rd Birthday, Heydeq!

My trip to Kelantan was great! It was the first time I went on the plane alone. The other people involved came 2 days later. The Kelantan crew (who brought me around) just love eating. So they brought me to various eating places. One place I remember was the one beside a river. Very calm with no sounds of vehicles passing by, but fishes jumping around the surface of the water.

The hospital people are a very nice bunch. They made us feel very welcomed by serving buffet for everyone at least twice a day, mainly breakfast and lunch. Breakfast was not just sandwiches, but Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu and such. One time I had Nasi Tumpang, which I like very much! Then there was also Nasi Kukus. Hey, they're all rice dishes eh?

Even the patient's family were very nice (Reminder: I interview patients and shoot their operations). We went for a shoot at the patient's house in Pasir Mas. They served us like kings, I tell you! Lauk of all kinds, fruits and appetizers of all kinds! One whole dining table full of food!

Before I left, I stopped by at Siti Khatijah Market to get some Kelantan specialties. Bought 3 packets of serundings, 8 packets of local snacks (small karipaps and crispy popiah-like crust stuffed with serunding) and of course, some keropoks. I left with just 1 luggage and came back with 2 extra boxes filled with Siti Khatijah Market goodies :D

It has been a while since I've posted pictures on this blog. Wait no more! Here they are. Since fotopages is often cranky and protests by not loading the pictures, do go to my fotopage if you can't view them here. Also, they are more complete there ;) But I don't have pictures of Kelantan though.

During the HUGE Fibroid operation

Favourite after-work activity, jamming!

Recent visit to the saloon

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