Saturday, July 30, 2005

5th week's a charm

Has it been more than a month already? Is time flying at super speed? It didn't feel that long. Quick update on what I've been doing:

Actually nothing much happened in the 1st half of July (thus the long silence).The only significant thing I can think of is: I went karaoke with Mer and recorded a few songs using my phone. Quite funny when I listen to them again.

Things at work was going at super slow speed at that period of time. All I did was make plannings for the new season of Medik TV (Now I begin to wonder why I didn't take a few days off). When I really can't keep myself occupied any longer, I sharpen my singing and piano skills at the jamming studio :D So much fun..hehe! That's one of the reasons why I look forward to going to work.

Towards the 2nd half of July things started to pick up pace. Since the new season of Medik TV is being sponsored by KPJ Healthcare, we had to organize a launching ceremony. I started shooting for the pilot episode at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital. It should be a good one. Here's a hint: 6.8kg tumour.

I also helped with the 2nd episode about premature babies. Saw really tiny ones that look like aliens. I interviewed this couple who got triplets. The father happens to be an MMU lecturer and he also knows Mer. What a small world huh?

The launching ceremony took place at Sri Pentas's Theaterette last Thursday, with the Deputy Health Minister as the VVIP. We had a gimmick which involves one of the KPJ guests getting epilepsy (sawan). He was seated beside me, so just as the minister launched, the guy gets the attack, falls off his seat and I played the concern person who alerts the situation.

Before we got our doctor (who was part of the gimmick) to come for his aid, the Deputy Minister attended to him first. So cool! Although, I did mention to his PR a day earlier about a gimmick being staged as he launched the event. I didn't give any details and I didn't think he would be involved. But he was and it made the whole thing look so real.

Most of the guests were shocked by it, including our bosses..haha! We had the ambulance to come and carry the guy out. Phew! Glad it went well.

This Monday I'll be off to Johore for a shoot at one of the hospitals there. It shall be for the 3rd episode. It should be fun. I'll be there for 4 days although the shooting will only be on for 2 days. Hehe..

I'll be busy for a while before I take a week off for a trip to Jakarta in the middle of the month. Woohoo!

Birthday shoutout to my MIA friend Amirah,

Happy 22nd Birthday, Amirah!

So don't forget to watch the story of the 6.8 kg tumour on the new season of Medik TV next Saturday, 6 August, at 5 pm ;)