Friday, June 03, 2005

Touched or embarrassed?

Thank God It's Friday ;) Well actually, that was where the chicks and me went last Wednesday for our last girls outing before Munirah's change of title. There was added joy that day that made us scream (controllably though, since we were in public), but I shall not get into those details just yet. The outing was also inconjuction with Shareenee's early birthday celebration. She's turning older tomorrow but we gave her presents last Wednesday anyway.

We got the TGIF people to sing for her, just like what Yan had to go through a few weeks back. Hehehe.. She was standing on the chair, all red-faced..and guess what? She actually cried when they were singing 'We Will Rock You'! I never asked what triggered the tears but it could be 2 things: She was so touched by the singing/song, she couldn't content her embarrassment. Oh wait, I think she did mention that things will not be the same after Mun's marriage. Ah well, even if that happens, lets just hope things will change for the better ;)

In about an hours time, I will be on my way to Munirah's house for her akad nikah. Omg, it's actually happening..I'm so excited! Damn it, I forgot to bring my camera.

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