Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Is it cold in here or is it just me? My temperature was quite high yesterday and that damn doctor didn't give me MC. It got worse last night but better this morning. I hope it's nothing serious because this office is famous for dengue and most recently, chicken pox. Eeek! My ears are swelling. Elergy? I don't know.

Uh, good news! I'm sticking to MedikTV for the upcoming season. Wee! But my buddy is transferred to another program though. I don't know what to expect for this new season. We'll have a new producer and apparently there will be some changes in terms of content and some other stuff. Even so, don't forget to watch the last episode of season 3, this Saturday at 5 pm. I'm sure you'll like it ;)

Thursday, June 16, 2005

It's official..

My friend is married! Hooray! Hehe..so excited! The chicks and me spent our time at her house for the akad nikah 2 weeks back. Since Heydeq couldn't come back for the wedding, a webcam was setup so that she doesn't miss out on it. Cool eh? ;)

They're married! (Credits to the professional photographer, Saiful Nang)

We attended the reception at Dewan Perdana Felda 2 days later with our parents in tow.

The chicks and me ;)

I know, I know..I look like a hobbit!

The reception on Syauqi's side was scheduled for the weekend after that, which was last week. Aday before the event, I received an SMS saying that Mun's in the hospital. My jaw went way down, my heart was pounding really fast thinking all sorts of things that might've happened. It turns out, she suffered a really bad food poisoning.

Kenduri at Syauqi's place

The show must go on. She was allowed to leave the hospital for a few hours just for the kenduri. But she couldn't take off the drip catheter from her hand though. I could see she tried so hard to put on the best face she could while trying to hold back the pain. Alhamdulillah, all went well. We visited her the next day and she looked like she was back to her old self again. Hooray!

On other news, I've just completed the last episode of MedikTV season 3. Do check it out on Saturday, June 25th at 5pm. Season 4 you ask? Well, it's still being planned and nothing is certained yet.

Colleagues and me making faces

So in the mean time, us MedikTV people are jobless while waiting for our superiors to decide on what to do with us. We might be transferred to another program, who knows? That is why I'm on leave today, since I would be wasting time at work with nothing to do *sigh*

I don't remember if I mentioned about me wanting a new phone very badly. Well anyways, the wait is over and I've got one in my hands right now! Woohoo! I'm so happy :)

Friday, June 03, 2005

Touched or embarrassed?

Thank God It's Friday ;) Well actually, that was where the chicks and me went last Wednesday for our last girls outing before Munirah's change of title. There was added joy that day that made us scream (controllably though, since we were in public), but I shall not get into those details just yet. The outing was also inconjuction with Shareenee's early birthday celebration. She's turning older tomorrow but we gave her presents last Wednesday anyway.

We got the TGIF people to sing for her, just like what Yan had to go through a few weeks back. Hehehe.. She was standing on the chair, all red-faced..and guess what? She actually cried when they were singing 'We Will Rock You'! I never asked what triggered the tears but it could be 2 things: She was so touched by the singing/song, she couldn't content her embarrassment. Oh wait, I think she did mention that things will not be the same after Mun's marriage. Ah well, even if that happens, lets just hope things will change for the better ;)

In about an hours time, I will be on my way to Munirah's house for her akad nikah. Omg, it's actually happening..I'm so excited! Damn it, I forgot to bring my camera.