Friday, April 29, 2005

My new baby

Uh yeah, the long weekend is here! I love long weekends, especially when I don't have to worry about work, like right now. Yay! More reason to jump for joy: I'm finally connected at home! Yesss! Been downloading many Smallville episodes that I missed out, plus the MP3s I've always wanted. It's so nice to be connected again. Woohoo!

Been spending most of my days in front of the TV. Come to think of it, I've always spend so much time with the TV, being homey and such. One of my musn't-miss shows at the moment is American Idol. I'm a fan of Bo, Nikko and Anwar. It's such a waste that 2 of em are out. But with Constantine out as well, I think it's even. Haha..

I feel like he was quite over confident since he has never been in the bottom 3. When he finally did join group, he was at the very bottom. Poor guy. He saw him looking shocked when the results were announced but controled his macho till the end of the show. I bet this elimination made many girls cry. To me, he seems like a member of a boyband more than a rocker. From the way he potrays his personality, it seems to be screaming "Girls, look at me!" Bo's more relaxed and doesn't seem to be trying too hard. That I like ;) Notice how his voice is similar to Michael Bolton's?

Nowadays, things at home are a lot livelier with our new baby. He's such a doll that we all can't stand looking at him. Even Becky who wasn't a big fan of his, is being like a mom now. Everyone, meet Harry..

Isn't he just adorable? :)

I can't recall if I've mentioned this before: I'm much better with cats rather than with babies. I get so awkward around babies coz I don't know how to treat them. But with cats, I would carry them around just like babies, talk to them like they are babies (and at times I think they understood me). No, I don't feed them like babies, mind you :P

I'm just not good around kids. Must improve but I have no idea how. How?

Friday, April 22, 2005

1..2..3 years

Ezmir and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary last Wednesday (which also happens to be Yan's birthday). It's interesting thinking about how we started off being 2 people from 2 different groups in university. A first year student and..well, everyone knows what he works as. And look where we end up :D

To Mer, thanx for the wonderful 3 years. Looking forward to next year ;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Early Birthday Celebration

Had a blast last Sunday with Mer, Idaura, Boolat, Yan, Najhan and Baem. We were out celebrating Yan's early birthday at TGIF and Red Box, The Curve. Celebrating at TGIF is an interesting one. Their ritual is that, the staffs get the birthday girl/boy to stand on the chair and make a speech followed by a birthday song and some other songs.

That was what Yan went through..hahaha! Should've seen the look on her face! If only I could upload the pictures. I guess Boolat's gonna upload them soon, along with the video. So lets just wait :)

Next stop, karaoke! We sang our hearts out to some pretty cool tunes and some silly songs such as The Ketchup Song, Fiona (4U2C), Spice Up Your Life (Spice Girls). The video accompanying I Will Survive was psychotic. At the end of the song, some girl shot some guy dead..haha! Funny stuff..

All in all, we had a good time. We had another birthday cake in the karaoke room including a whole lot of other food and drinks that we weren't able to finish up. But it was nice and we shall do it again, most definitely! ;)

Since Yan's birthday is tomorrow..

Happy Early 23rd Birthday,

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Living without it..

It has been about 2 months since I moved to my new house and we still don't have a fixed line at home :( I miss those days when downloading songs, smallville and chatting were like a routine. I can't even upload pictures anymore. The PC at work is really slow and with my workload, I don't have the time to do it.

My mom has been bugging Telekom to get them to fix the line but nothing is being done just yet. Come on Telekom peeps..get it done already! :(

On a brighter note, One Utama's bowling alley is finally open! My colleagues and me went there the first day it started business, which was on 1st April. We went again last night and I see this being one of our routine after-work activities now. Yay!

My family and Mer had dinner at Marche in The Curve last week to celebrate my parents' anniversary and my brothers' birthday, as mentioned in the previous post. Oh yes,

Happy Belated 29th Birthday,
Indra & Irwan!

Happy 30th Anniversary,
Papa & Mama!

Anyways, I really like that place. You gotta go there to see how different it is from other restaurants. The food is great, the price is reasonable and the place is really cool. I like :) I shall go there again one day.

Alright, break time is over. Gotta continue with work. Layta! ;)

Monday, April 04, 2005

New family member

Weeee! I'm so excited! I made a suprise for my family yesterday by getting them a very special gift from Mer and me. The occasion? My parents' 30th wedding anniversary (5th April) and my twin brothers' 29th birthday (6th April). We got them this adorable 2 and a 1/2 month old himalayan kitten :D

The first thing my brother said: Becky (our 5 year old cat) won't like him. Which is quite true. She has been very jealous and angry ever since we brought Harry home. Yea, we named him Harry, after our award-winning cat which we had more than a decade ago :)

Everybody I loves Harry. It's such a cute thing that you feel like slapping it over and over..haha! I shall upload his picture soon ;) In the mean time, we all need to get those 2 cats to get along, which is gonna be hard work for!