Saturday, March 05, 2005

Warming up

It's a Saturday and here I am at the office. There would usually be some people around but it's quite empty today since most of them went to Perlis for TV3's carnival. I've been left behind to complete my work for MedikTV. But I don't mind coz being involved in the carnival requires us to work from morning to night for 2 whole days in the hot weather. Err..I might have to go through that for the next location..argh!

I'm suppose to be working right now. I just need to warm up my engine before going all the way til late evening. I'm at one of my busiest time at work for the last 2 weeks and the next 2 weeks to come. I haven't had a complete weekend for weeks. Workaholic you say? Nope, it just so happens that my stories are coming out quite often and close to each other. So people, don't forget to watch MedikTV next Saturday (and the week after) to see what I've been doing in Kelantan ;)

By the way, anyone knows where I can get a pretty persian kitten for bargain price/free? Please let me know. Thanx! :D

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