Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Uh yeah, finally have the time to write something in here. After the concert, I've been occupied with work yet again and I just got back from Terengganu last weekend. I was on leave on Monday to get away from work but still needed to go to the office at 7am to settle something.

I was back home by 9am and guess what I did then? After so many months pondering, I finally changed my hairstyle! Weee.. :D Nothing drastic though. Just shorter layers and some natural-looking highlights ;) From what people say, I look my age now and not like a schoolkid anymore..haha!

This may be outdated, but what the heck :

Wyclef Jean and Lauren Hill together singing as Fugees was something I looked forward to and they didn't let me down. I was hoping that Eric Benet would sing "Spend My Life With You" with Ruth Sahanaya. If he did, I would've melted there and then..hehe! What can I say about Boyz II Men? They're simply phenomenal! That was definitely the best performance of the night, for me at least.

Oh yes, how can I forget Innuendo and the others? They were great especially with Sam back in the group. Suprisingly Dayang and Anuar Zain didn't perform individually. They were all good but the presence of the international performers somehow overshadowed them. I still love them all though :)

Backstreet Boys? *blueks* I can see most of the teenage girls were there just for them judging from the screaming. BSB totally diminished my mood and I think I might've slept for a while. Hahaha.. I was too tired after that but saved some energy for the Black Eyed Peas ;)

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