Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Uh yeah, finally have the time to write something in here. After the concert, I've been occupied with work yet again and I just got back from Terengganu last weekend. I was on leave on Monday to get away from work but still needed to go to the office at 7am to settle something.

I was back home by 9am and guess what I did then? After so many months pondering, I finally changed my hairstyle! Weee.. :D Nothing drastic though. Just shorter layers and some natural-looking highlights ;) From what people say, I look my age now and not like a schoolkid anymore..haha!

This may be outdated, but what the heck :

Wyclef Jean and Lauren Hill together singing as Fugees was something I looked forward to and they didn't let me down. I was hoping that Eric Benet would sing "Spend My Life With You" with Ruth Sahanaya. If he did, I would've melted there and then..hehe! What can I say about Boyz II Men? They're simply phenomenal! That was definitely the best performance of the night, for me at least.

Oh yes, how can I forget Innuendo and the others? They were great especially with Sam back in the group. Suprisingly Dayang and Anuar Zain didn't perform individually. They were all good but the presence of the international performers somehow overshadowed them. I still love them all though :)

Backstreet Boys? *blueks* I can see most of the teenage girls were there just for them judging from the screaming. BSB totally diminished my mood and I think I might've slept for a while. Hahaha.. I was too tired after that but saved some energy for the Black Eyed Peas ;)

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Morning news

I'll be making my way to the east coast again. Terengganu this time, with the whole MedikTV production crew..uh yeah! There will be a religious version of Sure Heboh, which MedikTV will provide free health screening, conducted by them real nurses, not us girls :P

By the way, no news on any persian kittens people? Want em badly! But not as bad as wanting them VIP tickets to Force of Nature :D Well yeah, I got tickets (as backup) but not VIP tickets. The ones I got are seats that are very far away from the stage. I think I might hafta bring along binoculars to see people on stage. Help me! Only 2 days left..this is getting critical. Urgh!

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Sweetie pie

Thought I could finally have a complete weekend this time around. But hey, I got to the office first thing Saturday morning..haha! Didn't manage to get things done yesterday, had to tempias a bit of work to this day. But it's no biggie. I'll be off in the afternoon to spend some quality time with Mer :D

He was being such a sweetheart this week, I recall it was on Monday. I had a last minute meeting in KL and couldn't get TV3's transport. Since I don't drive to work and none of my colleagues were around to lend me their car, I was told to get the cab.

At this time, Mer was in Cyberjaya busy with his work. After hearing my situation, he came right over (with some KFC) and drove me all the way to KL. His reason for doing so: to protect me from possibly-psycho cab drivers. I was so touched :D

That's not all. He didn't plan to go back all the way his office, so he brought along his laptop. With that he was able to do his work. He drove me back to my office and found a place where he could work in peace while waiting for me to finish mine. Of all days, that was the most hectic one. Told him over and over that he didn't have to wait but he waited anyway (all the while doing his work, of course). Note that this also contributed to my stress as written in the previous post. I finally settled everything at 11 pm and he drove me home after that.

That was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me. Can't get any sweeter than that :D I sure am lucky..hehe!

On other news, last Thursday there was a huge fire at the construction site very close to my workplace. It was the headline on the news that night. Many people worked together to move cars that were parked close to it. They might've smashed the glass to release the handbrake.

If the firemen were any slower than they already were, the fire might've reached our building. Fire drill went off, we left the building. If it happened to reach here, we wouldn't have anywhere to go since the only exit was around the scene of the event. Boo the architects!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Now i'm pressured

I think I'm feeling the real work pressure now. I can handle doing many things at one time but it's frustrating when I have to put something on hold just because there aren't enough equipments in this office and I can't get my job done! :(

I have to wait and wait and wait until there's one available for me to use and I hope it's really soon. But looks like I have to wait for at least another hour until I get to start on my work. Such a waste of time!'s frustrating I tell you!

I'm just gonna go somewhere to release my stress now. Layta..

Saturday, March 05, 2005

I want em blue coloured ones!

Black Eyed Peas! Wyclef Jean!! Lauren Hill!!! Boyz II Men!!!! All in one show! Aaaaaaargh..I'm going crazy!! If I'm not mistaken, Anuar Zain and Ruffedge will be performing as well. Great line up ;) There are more international acts coming, so let us wait and see who they are.

By the way, why the heck is Backstreet Boys lost among those wonder performers?

Warming up

It's a Saturday and here I am at the office. There would usually be some people around but it's quite empty today since most of them went to Perlis for TV3's carnival. I've been left behind to complete my work for MedikTV. But I don't mind coz being involved in the carnival requires us to work from morning to night for 2 whole days in the hot weather. Err..I might have to go through that for the next location..argh!

I'm suppose to be working right now. I just need to warm up my engine before going all the way til late evening. I'm at one of my busiest time at work for the last 2 weeks and the next 2 weeks to come. I haven't had a complete weekend for weeks. Workaholic you say? Nope, it just so happens that my stories are coming out quite often and close to each other. So people, don't forget to watch MedikTV next Saturday (and the week after) to see what I've been doing in Kelantan ;)

By the way, anyone knows where I can get a pretty persian kitten for bargain price/free? Please let me know. Thanx! :D