Friday, January 28, 2005

What day is it?

Been caught up with work again. It's Friday already?? We're reaching February?? Gosh, how time flies. It feels like only yesterday I was on my way to school..geez..I'm exaggerating..hehe!

Anyways, I'm in the process of moving to a new house this week. It shall be a busy 2 weeks at home and at work. Plus engagement preparations and all, I just hope I get to arrange my time well and get enough sleep so that I don't burn out plus still look nice on the day :D

Celebrated my mom's birthday 2 days ago. My brothers and me shared for her present and equally contributed for the birthday dinner with the whole family and Mer. TGIF has this ritual where they gather their staff to sing a birthday song and give a free birthday cake. I got my dad to ask for a free cake without the singing, and apparently we can! So yeah, we got a free chocolate cake which was very nice (although I was hoping for Mocha Mud Pie, but that will do).

And so,

Happy Birthday Mama!