Saturday, January 22, 2005

Sensitivity issues

Does maturity and sensitivity go hand in hand? Being not sensitive at all is one thing, but being too sensitive is another. Younger people are known to be very sensitive, I've been there.

But as grown-ups, we know when to feel bad about something and think rationally. Sometimes the simplest things can just affect a person (what's worse is the person would share it with other people and somehow trigger the same feeling about the particular issue) and we don't have a clue that something's bothering them. We meet, chat and laugh together, but inside they're having thoughts about us and that really sucks.

My point is, ladies and gentlemen, just be frank and don't talk behind people's back coz it will never get anything done nor will it make you feel better. You may get a clearer picture after talking it over and it might even turn out to be nothing much anyway. You might even laugh about it after that.

Before I end, I've got James Baum's Skirts mp3 (credits to the great Mer :D ). For those looking for it, just message me and I'll pass it over.

P/S: Don't forget, MedikTV at 5pm today :D