Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Darn it..

After waiting for almost half a year, Layar Tanchap is finally back in town!

I missed the last one that was held in July, coz I was in Malacca for my convocation. Looks like I'm missing this next one too coz I'll be ushering for the twins' sister's wedding on that particular day. It's just not my luck :(

Oh well, here are the details anyway..

Layar Tanchap ~ Tanchap Senyum Acheh

when: Friday, 7th January, 2005
where: Gallery Cafe (Balai Seni Negara), Jalan Tun Razak (next to Istana Budaya)
time: 8.00pm/after Maghrib
dress code: what are you? who are you? that's what you come as.

To those who wish to contribute their contents for this Tanchap, look for Boy or Opie there.
The ambience is free but the food and drinks aren''s only fair, right?

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