Sunday, January 16, 2005


I was at Juara Lagu full dress rehearsal last night. You can change the channel during the middle of the show coz it was quite a bore. The beginning and the end are quite good. Too bad Anuar Zain wasn't around last night coz he had toothache. He was replaced by this guy who is one of the first few Malaysian Idol final contestants to be voted out. Anuar Zain should be around for the real thing tonight though.

Ah well, Ruffedge was good but the backup dancers sucked big time. I hope that was just temporary and they get real dancers for tonight! Come on Ruffedge! You can dooo it..

Sarimah is good I tell you. She kept us laughing and we went "she's good!" quite a few times. Najib Ali was good as well. Ah, they are professionals..they should meet up to people's expectations anyway.

I could've gone for the real thing tonight, but I decided not to. Since I've seen the rehearsal, I pretty much have seen how the thing would go. Might as well watch it on TV instead. Plus, I don't wanna miss The Apprentice and I'm working the next day. Thanx for the offer, Idaura!

For once I have the whole weekend for myself. In the past month, I've been working at least on one weekend. I've missed lazing around at home. It's fun to do that again, getting my life back, a know what I mean? :D I get to make time for my family and my Mer :x

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