Wednesday, December 28, 2005


As disgusting as it sounds..that happened to me last night. Here's how it all began..

Instead of enjoying the long Christmas weekend, I was at the office on Sunday and Monday til night to get the editing as well as the post production done. You see, usually post production is done by an editor at the post production suite.

At the post production suite - there are more monitors and machines outside this picture

But since I've been utilizing the computer software (which supports post production) instead of the conventional machine, I've learned to do the post production as well. Basically, I've been doing something that is usually done by two people.

Conventional editing using the editing machine

Latest editing method - I like 'em monitors

When I edit, it's as if I'm in a trance, ya know. I don't realise how much time has pass and I don't seem to feel hungry throughout the whole time. Strangely, hunger only strikes just when I finish editing.

So there are times when I don't eat proper meals but felt nothing wrong...until yesterday my body finally succumbed to it.

It was a day after I finished my editing process. I woke up in the middle of the night feeling uncomfortable. I couldn't sleep til morning and felt like vomiting. This lasted throughout the day although I was busy finalizing the episode that I was working on.

A view from the computer screen - image not very clear as I was just messing around at the time

I visited the doctor at TV3's clinic, she said it was gas and gastric. Gas is logical but gastric? But I'm not in pain. In seems we don't necessarily feel pain when we have gastric (Hey, I learn something new!). She gave me some medication that didn't seem to work. Hmph!

I didn't dare eating, afraid of actually barfing in public. When I reached home, I didn't have the appetite to eat at all and it took me ages to finish a glass of water. Because it took so long, I forced myself to down as much as possible. Not a good move. Minutes happened. An amount of water I had that night was out again.

I haven't vomited since I was 6! I still remember that experience coz it happened in a packed restaurant somewhere in Alor Star..haha!

This time around I didn't cause too much of a mess. Well, I did mess up the floor but I was outside at the veranda, so it was easy to wash off.

Ah enough about barfing! I must've disgusted some of you out there..hehe! My sincere apologies ;)

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Hey, look what I did today! :D

If you can't figure it out, that's the designer taking my measurements lah.. ;)

Friday, December 16, 2005

Working in high gear

I was on a day trip to Gemencheh, Negeri Sembilan last Tuesday to visit the lady who had the giant fibroid removed, as mentioned before. It was a really good shoot and it turned out great after the editing process. Don't miss it! It will be on air next week. Do look out for a famiar face in the background of the promo *blush*

I'll be on a day-trip to Melaka on Sunday. Will be visiting a lady who has shoulder problem and will be operating on Tuesday at Tawakal Hospital.

Oh yea, please get a copy of Metro Ahad this coming Sunday. There will be an article on this week's MedikTV episode, one which I did. As for this week...don't forget to tune in to TV3 and catch MedikTV tomorrow, Saturday, at 5pm. It's about breast cancer and it's one heck of a story I tell youuu..

Haih..I love my job :D

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Relax, that's not me..haha!

That's my cousin, Emry on his akad nikah day with Azah. He's the 2nd one amongst my cousins from my mommy's side to get married. The last wedding by a cousin was about 15 years ago. It's high time someone got hitched!

Besides attending the wedding, nothing much has happened in the past week. Been busy working on the next episode, which is about breast cancer. A heartbreaking one I should say. I followed the experience and emotions of a lady who had to get a breast removed. Check it out next week, 17 Dec!

As part of promoting the show, the doctor who conducted the operation will be a guest on Malaysia Hari Ini (MHI) on Friday. Look out for him! Actually the eye doctor was a guest on MHI last Monday. He talked about the cornea transplant episode shown last weekend.

Speaking of that episode, I'm glad to say that the ratings for that episode was good! All the hard work we did to make one of the best episodes was worth it :D

This coming Tuesday, I'll be visiting the makcik who got the 7 kg tumour out of her. Many people have asked how she's doing, whether she made it through or not. Well, it's about time we pay her a little visit. This story will be featured on a special MedikTV episode coming real soon. Will update soon ;)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

JB week

After 2 weeks of hard work, please make it feel worth it for me by watching MedikTV this Saturday at 5pm! One of the best episodes I should say. Don't miss it!

I was in Johor for 5 days (!!). The longest work-trip for me so far.

I was ready to cover an episode, at most 2. The morning before we left for Johor, I was told there were 3 (!!!). The best part was, all 3 surgeries were on the SAME DAY (!!!!). Initial plan of 4 days had to be extended to 5..hmph! The hospital was kind enough to arrange the surgeries accordingly so they didn't go on simultaneously. But still, it's back to back to back, in a day.

I was optimistic, took it as a challenge and was about to give it a go. I thought surgeons can do 4-5 surgeries a day, why can't we? But I was talked against it by my producer and he got Ina (my colleague, another MedikTV journalist) to come down and cover one.

Zarina Zainuddin or better known as 'Ina'

When the Wenesday@Surgeryday came, started shooting at 8am and ended around 4pm. I was drained. And that was only 2 cases! Imagine if I had proceed with another one? Good call by Mr. Producer!

MedikTV team: (from left) Mardzuki (cameraman), Gan(producer), me, Pushpa (lightingman), Mastura (presenter), Siva (technician)

Spent Thursday shooting the moderator (part where the presenter does her stuff).

At the mammogram room

Got back on Friday night, edited the whole Saturday & Monday. I had to take a break on Sunday coz Mer's family came over for raya. His niece and nephews came along and they brought the house down! So much fun to have kids around. This house is always quiet with only us adults. The only action we get is from the cats.

Friday, November 18, 2005

We are different

My producer decided to take MedikTV to a different level and take a different approach in producing our stories. Well just look what I got myself into..

This is my first time doing this kinna shoot and an interesting experience it was too. No, I'm not the host please :P To know more, wait til 3rd Dec. You'll be amazed..not by me but..err..hmm.. now it's difficult to describe without telling the details all together. Just wait and see lah!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Just I had my 3rd quarter performance assessment. Guess what? I passed with flying colours..woohoo! With that, my job scope was widen as well. I've been given more responsibilities and should achieve the new targets set in order to maintain my level of performance.

I'm SO motivated at the moment. All steam ahead! Bring it on!

It's back baby!

My pride and joy..MedikTV is back after a month break. My next episode is scheduled for this coming Saturday at 5pm. I know many will be busy attending open houses but try to tune in ok ;)

Now this is a new thing for me: It is our practice to air the promo for the week's episode. For next week's promo, a case on Total Hip Replacement, you people will hear a familiar voice (well, for those who have heard me that is). Yeap, it's my first time doing voice over for TV. I've done it before but only as practice. Now that it's actually on air, I'm quite excited although it's only for 20 secs..hehe!

I'll start shooting again next week..yay! Things were getting a bit too boring since the last month. This time around I'll be off to Johor. Woohoo!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Awkward no more

Recently I read this chic lit above. A story about a nanny taking care of a wonderful kid from a somewhat disfunctional family.

The story has inspired me somehow and now I'm no longer awkward around kids..just look at me! :D

My nephew ;)

When was the last time I actually volunteered to carry a baby? Never! This is a breakthrough for me..yay!! :) :) There is hope for me after all..hehe!

Lost & Found

Harry is one curious and mischievous cat. His favourite past time is jumping around the garden with the frogs. We never let him out of the our compound of fear he might get catnapped or ranover *touch wood* So we have nets fixed at the bottom part of the gate.

Our fears were confronted when he went missing. The last time anyone saw him was early Monday morning. Only at night did we realise he wasn't around. We searched under cars, beds, in toilets, cupboards..but to no avail.

I thought, "That is it. He's gone" :(

Although I was still optimistic that he'll come back, knowing cats have very good sense of direction.

Our prayers were answered when he was found waiting outside our gate early this morning. Hoooray! I'm so glad he's back in one piece. However his whole body was damp from the rain last night, plus he looked slightly thinner from the absence of proper catfood in 24 hours.

But what matters is he's back :) Hope this shall be a lesson for him not to go beyond the gate and for us to be more careful from now on.

Friday, November 11, 2005

The 'world' phenomenon

Not a day goes by without the papers mentioning the ever-so-famous world guy. I've never seen an entertainer giving this much impact to the society at lightning speed. Although the famous CT doesn't get daily coverage..err right?

World's Hari Raya openhouse was all over the front page of newspapers. Correct me if I'm wrong but does the same happen for Pak Lah's and Ministers'?

He will be in Sri Pentas this evening as a guest on the woman talk show, Wanita Hari Ini. The word has spread over the entire office and even the managers are excited! Haha..

He is labeled the 'ideal rolemodel for the young generation'. So when the story came out about his sleepover at his fiance's place, people may think "Hey, he did it so I guess it's not wrong. I can do that too. Hooray!" Haha.. But is it? As long as they get the green light from the parents so be it.

I pity the girl for being dragged into the media frenzy.

TV3's entertainment show, Melodi, has one segment where they give suprise visits to celebrities' home/office etc. It has been going on for quite a while and I don't think people complained much about it. But when they crashed world's fiance's place, it suddenly became a big issue.

It was merely entertainment. Melodi meant no harm and it all turned out well in the end. But still, they have crashed the people's role model. It will take some time for the fans to forget about the 'incident'.

He is a phenomenon, gotta admit that. He's overly exposed. But if there are no demands, there won't be this excessive coverage. We'll see how long this phenomenon will last. Give it a year maybe?

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2005

I've been celebrating raya in KL ever since I could remember. This time around I was hoping for it to be a good one because:
  1. I spent most of previous raya at the News Department (#$%*!!)
  2. It's my last raya as a bachelorette

Much to my disappointment, it was one of the boring ones. Most of the relatives on my mom's side weren't around. Because we spent more time at that side of the family (to accompany my granny), by the time we got to my dad's side, most of my relatives have left (and they are a happening bunch too).

There aren't any nice pictures either. I have yet to raya with my favourite relatives. Til then, not much raya spirit nor pictures.

Oh yeah, I was back at work on Tuesday. It was sad looking at this rather empty space. If it weren't for the TV, we could hear a pin drop! I overcame the boredom when I went lunch at McD with Idaura and another friend, Ang. Then it was back to the same old office..zzz..

Monday, October 31, 2005

Belated Japanese Birthday

Yesterday I was out with the chicks for break fast at this Japanese restaurant..err..Motomiko? Something like OU. Heydeq was already back at her hometown and Alia could only made it after break fast. So there were 5 of us:

From left: Me, Munirah, Ina, Lin, Shareenee

Besides our annual break fast session, apparently the outing was also to celebrate my birthday, (belated rather, but it doesn't matter). So sweet!

Everyone at home are enjoying the Americano cake..thanx you guys! *muax*

Saturday, October 29, 2005

It's Hari Raya fever!

Referring to my previous post regarding office raya decoration competition.. Along with about 20 other colleagues stayed up til 4 am getting our office nicely done. has been a while since I slept that late.

10 pm -12 am In the early process of decorating

12 am - 2 am House is being build

2 - 4 am Half way through

4 am The 'Bersamamu' concept is done! ;)

We had a whole lot of lights and raya cards hung, which I forgot to take a photo of :D At the entrance to the office was decorated according to the Deepavali theme, which I also forgot to snap. Sorry! But hey, we had a real banana tree!

In case you don't realise, we had drapes hung on the ceiling (check out the 2nd pic). The main attraction is of course the 3D house with a TV in the middle of the house that acts as a window. We froze a visual of an old lady looking out of the window, as if waiting for her family to come visit.

Regarding the IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT by the Media Prima CEO. It turns out on that day, last Thursday, they officially took over NTV7. He wanted the staffs to be the first to know. How sweet..hehe! Hope it doesn't affect our bonus or payrise :P I guess as most of you have read in the papers, Media Prima has monopolized all private TV stations in the country.We were told not to be arrogant but stay humble. Very nice man that Abd Rahman.

Abdul Rahman Ahmad (right) with another nice man, Media Prima chairman Datuk Abdul Mutalib Mohamed Razak

It's Raya season. Hope everyone will have a great time ahead and drive carefully ;) As for me, I'll be spending my Raya right here in KL, since most of my relatives are around here. My granny's just a kilometer away ;)

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri everyone!
Maaf Zahir Batin..

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Teh tarik pool

Yesterday I was SO free at work until I was counting the hours to go home. Mer fetched me at 5pm and just when we got on NKVE, we were stuck. I thought maybe it's because of the rain, or people leaving for their home town or maybe an accident.

It turned out to be bumper-to-bumper aaalllllll the way. What usually took us 10 minutes took an hour. It was frustrating especially for Mer who was driving manual.

When we were reaching the Bukit Jelutong exit, the plus officials redirected traffic to the flyover leading towards USJ/KLIA/Putrajaya. When we looked down to see the cause of the detour, I was amazed to see a huge pool of teh-tarik! Flash floods from the earlier downpour.

Our plan to break fast at my place was cancelled and went to Subang Parade instead. But it's not all bad. Mer managed to do some Raya shopping ;)

Today I will be more occupied than yesterday, thank God! I couldn't stand the boredom. Media Prima CEO called for all staffs to assemble at the lobby for an 'important announcement'. Hmmm...this is perculiar. This has never happened (since I worked here) coz announcements are usually made through e-mails or memos. I hope it's a good news...please make it a good news. Hey, it should be right? He wouldn't wanna call for everyone if it's no good.

I might be spending the whole night at the office, decorating for Deepavali and Raya. There's this inter-company competition going on for the best decoration. The judges will be judging on Friday and as of this morning, nothing is done. Furthermore, the theme is Songket. Where the heck are we gonna find bargain songkets to be used as drapes?

Monday, October 24, 2005

My day at the castle

I've always dreamt of being a princess, living in a castle, wearing a large gown with a crown, ballroom dancing with my prince (that's the effect of disney movies overdose).

Last Friday I had the chance to step foot in a REAL castle. Referring to my previous post, I was in Kuala Kangsar for Al-Kulliyah. Only when I was there that I knew it was done in the castle's compound.

We had some time to kill while waiting for break fast time. So one castle-person brought us around the castle. We didn't tour the whole place though. We were brought to the 'singgah sana', where all official royal events take place, like the pertabalans and such (I'll upload the picture soon). I was mesmerized *_* Yellow, gold, everywhere!

Mastura, Farah Adeeba and mua

Break fast took place at the 'Dewan Santapan', a HUGE dining hall that can accomodate thousands of people. There was about 200 people that time I guess..TV3 people, important government people and invited Al-Kulliyah audience.

We had our break fast at one side of the hall. Nice food! Jelly, cucoq kodoq, kuih pelita, bubur lamboq..yummm!While break fasting, I got into conversation with one lady who was sitting opposite of me. She was friendly, sharing stories about her family and such. She has sons who studies/d in MMU too (Saturday afternoon Dzayed called saying that that was his mommy...what a small world!).

We were half way enjoying our food when there was an announcement for all ladies to move to the surau for maghrib prayers. We (myself, Mastura, Farah and Zakiah) are entitled to 'jamak' our prayers, so we thought we could join those who can't pray and continue eating.

Soon we realised all ladies have left the table but us and all the men were staring at us (I think the prince was too). Imagine the embarrassment! So we hurried out just in time before the men start leaving their table. Apparently it is the adat for all ladies to leave the table be it period or not.

We were brought to the other side of the hall for the main course. Uuh..tomato rice with meat, prawn, chicken...yummm..

We planned to leave for KL right after dinner (although there was Isya' prayer, Tarawih and light drinks after that). Much to our dismay, we were instructed by the bosses to stay till the end because 'the prince wants to meet us'.

When we did attend the teh-tarik drinking session, the prince didn't even meet us! We were tricked into staying..hmph! We ended up reaching TV3 at 12.30 midnight.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

having mixed emotions, I am

I was ecstatic when I received this news from my colleague: My work was acknowledged by one of the top people in TV3 (not the Dato lah :P). I didn't even know she (yes, she) knew my name. You know, being a normal-ranked employee and such. Oh, I felt motivation building inside!

I'll be off to Kuala Kangsar this Friday for a day trip with 3 other people. We were requested to attend the live broadcast of Al-Kulliyah inconjunction with Nuzul Quran because the Raja Muda and Raja Dihilir will be there. I not quite sure what our roles are actually..hmm..

Tonight I discovered I was forgetten by people close to me, again. Sad but true. I still managed to laugh about it the first time it happened. But second time in a row? I don't find humour in it anymore. It's like being pinched. Do it once would be like being bitten by an ant. Do it again, ouch!! Ah well, at least I wasn't disregarded in the end.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Setar city

Phew...5-6 hour drive to Alor Setar with the TV3 van was tiring! But what to do, we were told to save the company's money *$igh*

My respondent over there was a 42-year-old man whose heart enlarged about 4 times the normal size and filled his whole chest. It was amazing to see his pulse beating so hard. Check it out on Medik TV - 19 Nov. Yeah, long break.

It was one of the most emotional shoots I've done so far. Here's what happened:

The anesthetist met the patient and wife in the ward to brief him on every single detail of what he'll go through on the day of the surgery.

He mentioned everything:
They'll stop his heart, get the machine to breathe for him, he'll feel 'little' pain (from a scale of 1 to 10 = 4), he'll have a tube in his throat when he wakes up and a lot more.

While the doctor goes on and on, the couple held hands. The patient nodded along the way and had a smile on his face occasionally. Just as the doctor turns around to leave, he grabbed his wife.

They hugged and cried..

I almost cried over there and I almost cried again when I previewed the tape. Got my colleague, Ina, to see it and she cried! The fact that we caught that on camera and it's one of real life experience, it's amazing..

They had a reason to be extra worried. The operation was a high-risked one. It was no ordinary heart bypass but a heart valve replacement. They put mechanical valves inside his heart so that it can function normally.

Technician and me

Me with another 'teddy-bear'
The surgery lasted for a good 6 hours. We were tired and hungry but can't stop til work was done. Good thing the surgery went well and the patient turned out ok.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Brain soup

Check out this an article in Metro Ahad (2 Oct 2005) about my story on Medik TV. No mentioning my name, hmph!

Peluang saksi bedah otak
Oleh ASMIZAN MOHD SAMIRAN (although 75% taken from my script)

SEMALAM, seorang kenalan memberitahu penulis, dia lewat tiba di lokasi berkumpul bersama beberapa rakan sebelum berkonvoi ke Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil bagi menonton perlawanan akhir bola sepak Piala Malaysia antara Selangor dan Perlis.

Ketika ditanya apa membuatkan dia terlewat, dengan selamba dia memberitahu, dia leka menonton rancangan Medik TV. Rancangan episod kesembilan untuk musim keempat pada hari itu memaparkan rawatan tumor (ketumbuhan) otak.

“Melalui rancangan itu, saya pertama kali melihat bagaimana tempurung manusia dipotong dan seterusnya visual otak berdenyut. Lebih mengerikan apabila pakar bedah mengeluarkan tumor dari otak pesakit ketika otak berdenyut,” kata rakan penulis.

Bermula jam 5 petang, selama setengah jam menonton rancangan berkenaan, rakan penulis mengakui kecanggihan teknologi memungkinkan segala-galanya dan setidak-tidaknya dia mendapat maklumat berguna mengenai permasalahan tumor otak.

Namun, apa yang rakan penulis rasakan jauh berbeza daripada apa dirasakan Go Hong Lang, pesakit tumor otak yang pada mulanya langsung tidak menyedari ada ketumbuhan di otaknya.

Episod ‘mendebarkan’ Go, 65, bermula dua minggu lalu apabila dia tiba-tiba hilang keseimbangan badan dan terjatuh ketika melakukan kerja rumah.

Akibat insiden itu, dia dibawa keluarganya ke Hospital Pakar Ipoh bagi mendapatkan rawatan dan ketika merujuk kepada Pakar Perubatan Saraf, Dr Zakaria A Kadir, beliau mengesyaki Go menghidap angin ahmar.

Bagaimanapun, pemeriksaan lanjut yang dilakukan mendapati ada tumor di dalam otak warga emas itu.Sebagai langkah awal, Go diberi rawatan terapi dan perlu mengambil ubat-ubatan.

Namun seminggu selepas itu, Go tidak menunjukkan perubahan positif.

Go masih sukar mengimbangi badan, malah dia juga mengalami masalah koordinasi, penglihatan dan pendengaran akibat tumor di otaknya.

Tanpa menunggu lama, Dr Zakaria merujuk kes Go kepada pakar bedah otak, Dr Fadzli Cheah Abdullah kerana Go memerlukan pembedahan segera.

Dr Fadzli berkata, ada 126 jenis ketumbuhan otak, yang mana kebiasaannya ketumbuhan itu berasal daripada sel otak.

“Bagi kes Go, dia ada empat tumor yang terletak di tiga bahagian berasingan di otaknya dan kes seumpama ini jarang berlaku,” katanya.

Dr Fadzli berkata, ketumbuhan yang ada tidak masuk ke dalam otak dan keputusan pemeriksaan menunjukkan ia boleh dibuang.

Katanya, risiko pembedahan pada tangkai otak antara 20 hingga 30 peratus. Oleh itu, hanya bahagian yang berisiko paling rendah akan dibedah dan beliau berharap dapat mengesan jenis ketumbuhan di otak Go bagi memberikan rawatan sesuai.

Selepas sesi diagnosis awal bagi memastikan keadaan pesakit, Dr Fadzli memutuskan Go wajar menjalani pembedahan untuk merawat penyakit tumor otaknya.


Untuk proses pembedahan, kaedah ‘craniotomy’ iaitu pembedahan membabitkan pembukaan sebahagian kecil tempurung kepala bagi membuang tumor di otak, digunakan.

Keputusan CT Scan juga digunakan bagi mengenal pasti kedudukan tumor. Namun, pakar bedah masih sukar menentukan bahagian terbaik untuk melakukan insisi bagi mengeluarkan tumor dengan mudah.

Disebabkan itu, sistem berkomputer canggih dikenali sebagai Image Guided System yang menghasilkan imej 3D dari pelbagai sudut digunakan, sekali gus membantu Dr Fadzli merancang prosedur pembedahan dengan teliti.

Yang pasti, penggunaan sistem itu banyak membantu kerana ia mengesyorkan bahagian otak yang terbaik untuk dibedah bagi mengeluarkan tumor dengan mudah.

Pada masa sama, sejenis alat dikenali sebagai ‘Mayfield’ digunakan bagi menstabilkan kepala Go kerana pakar bedah perlu memastikan tiada pergerakan kepala berlaku ketika pembedahan.

Langkah persiapan turut membabitkan imbasan kepala pesakit menggunakan alat pemancar ‘infrared’ yang membantu menghasilkan imej kepala dan keadaan otak pesakit.

Ketika proses pembedahan dimulakan, pesakit diberi bius dan tebukan, kemudian dilakukan dengan alat drill (gerudi) dikenali ‘high speed craniotome’ sehingga membentuk sebuah lubang.

Dalam keadaan otak berdenyut, otak Go didapati membengkak dan memenuhi bahagian ruang dalam tempurung disebabkan tekanan tumor yang tumbuh di dalam otaknya.

Merujuk kepada pemeriksaan CT Scan dan Image Guided System, tumor dianggarkan terletak kira-kira tiga sentimeter ke dalam otak.

Pakar bedah menggunakan kaedah pembedahan dikategorikan sebagai ‘minimally invasive microsurgery’ kerana kawasan terbabit sangat kecil dan memerlukan pakar bedah menggunakan mikroskop yang mempunyai kadar penglihatan berganda.

Selepas menggunakan kaedah itu, Dr Fadzli berjaya mengeluarkan tumor pertama yang kelihatan seperti batu, diikuti tumor kedua dari bahagian depan otak.

“Permukaan tumor yang keras menandakan ia mengandungi kalsium,” kata Dr Fadzli.

Tempurung kepala Go ditutup semula menggunakan besi dan skru titanium yang terbukti selamat jika dibiarkan pada badan pesakit buat selama-lamanya, selain tiada kesan sampingan.

Secara keseluruhan, Dr Fadzli menyifatkan pembedahan selama dua jam itu berjaya.Katanya, walaupun berjaya mengeluarkan tumor dan sel otak tidak normal, masih ada kemungkinan wujud semula tumor pada bahagian sama.

“Yang mustahak, kita nak tahu jenis tumor itu. Ada jenis tumor yang tak tumbuh balik. Terpulang kepada jenisnya.

“Kalau barah, lagi teruklah dia nak jadi balik. Namun tumor yang ini, insya-Allah tak tumbuh balik,” katanya.

Sehari selepas pembedahan, Go beransur pulih dan hasil uji kaji terhadap tumor yang berjaya dikeluarkan menunjukkan ia bukan barah.

Sebagai peringatan, tiada garis panduan untuk mencegah tumor otak.

Sebagai langkah keselamatan, anda perlu jalani pemeriksaan doktor jika kerap diserang sakit kepala, epilepsy (sawan), kekejangan otot dan tidak sedarkan diri, gangguan percakapan, kesukaran menggerakkan kaki dan tangan serta hilang ingatan ke atas hal terbaru.

Tanda lain ialah kemerosotan proses mental, hilang penglihatan, terutama penglihatan periferi, hilang daya imbangan, terutama jika ia dikaitkan dengan sakit kepala, lemah atau kebas sebelah badan dan gangguan ingatan atau perubahan personaliti.

Friday, September 30, 2005

Happy Birthday To Me!

Sigh..not even one blogger wished me? Ah nevermind..not gonna waste my time sulking :P

Last Friday went for a get-together with the chicks at Chillies, OU. Gave out gifts for the August babies: Lin, Ina, Mun and Heydeq. Then Mun and Shareenee got the rest of us 2 desserts to share as birthday treats and dinner was on Mun. Another birthday treat :)

Chillies: Lin, Alia and me

Since my birthday was on a Wednesday, I invited some close friends over last Sunday. Thanx to Idaura, Heydeq and Shahir, Shareenee and Faizal, Ina, Lin, Mun and Syauki, Ame, Sid for coming. Appreciate it :)

At my place: Idaura, me, Lin and Mun

Wednesday came like any other ordinary Wednesday. I received some well wishes from those who knew/remembered. After lunch, there was a delivery for me. It was a bouquet of very fresh red roses with a balloon :D :D :D :D I was smiling from ear to ear! It was from my significant other of course. So sweet..

He didn't give together with the vase of course :P

There was a note from him (written by the florist though) that said: I Dove You. I DOVE you? Hehehehe..I called Mer, "You dove me?" We both laughed histerically and he went, "Don't they have any common sense?!"

Mer fetched me from work and we went for dinner at Marche, The Curve. We had a great time just talking about everything: past, present and future. When we were leaving, somehow the door wasn't properly closed (so he said). While I was checking mine, he went to 'check' the trunk. Waddaa know..he came back in the car with a huge paperbag filled with..

I love them both! I know some of you might be thinking, why that? I had an eye on the Starwars Monopoly for quite some time already. And now it's mine! :)

When I got back home, I received an Estee Lauder make-up set from my family, with really nice packaging too..

Lighting not that good but the gifts are :)

Today Mer and me spent over 3 hours playing Star Wars Monopoly and look at how it ended:

Check out the property cards on my side of the table..hehe!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote something that I planned to post in here. But I forgot about it somehow and now it seems 'so yesterday'. I was in Ipoh 2 weeks back, shooting a brain tumor surgery. It will be aired in tomorrow's MedikTV episode at 5pm. Don't forget to watch coz MedikTV will be on a break throughout the fasting month. Check out these pictures:

"Ladies and gentlemen, a brain is exposed behind me."

"She's waking up but still mamai"

The crew that made it all happen:
Cameraman, Lightingman, Journalist and Technician

I'll be off to Alor Setar tomorrow morning. This time for a heart surgery. How I love my job :P

Before I end this post, I wanna say I feel like a proud parent. My baby boy is big now and he's only 8 months old! See these before and after pictures of Harry:

April 2005 Sept 2005

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What am I doing?

I'm at work, but I don't have any work. The only thing I have in my to-do list is to wait for reply from the hospital. Who knows when that'll be. At the moment, I'm just hanging around looking busy.

The worse part is, all of my friends aren't around. They are either sick, on outstation duty or on leave. I'm stuck alone with the boss..damn! This office is practically empty. There are only 4 people within my 20m radious. That reminds me of this song: lonelyyyy..i'm so lonelyyy..

Thought I could take leave today but my producer adviced me against it since there won't be anyone around to attend to MedikTV matters. So I'm the victim :( If only I had a car, I would go home (or anywhere else for that matter) and come back later. At least I won't be stuck in this boredom.

It's only 11 am, 7 more hours to go. Aaargh!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My Journey to Jakarta

Weee...I'm back from Jakarta! Actually I've been back since last Wednesday but haven't had the chance to write. Work demanded most of my time and energy.

My trip was amazing! My aunt fetched my mom and me at the airport. I say, she's quite a babe for her age. It's the first time I remember meeting her. She stayed in Malaysia when I was about 6 years old, but I don't remember that anymore.

We stayed at her place with her family and mom (or should I say, my grandaunt). This grandauntie of mine was in tears when we got there. It has been over 22 years since she last met us. She helped take care of my mom when I was born. So the only memory she had of me before this was as a crying newborn. What a reunion :)

We spent our first day resting and catching up at their home. Started our shopping journey the next day. It's a great shopping destination I tell you! Everything was so much cheaper than over here.

We first went to this exclusive batik boutique. I bought myself a batik cloth for a set of kebaya and a gift for Mer's mom. My mom then got me a very nice attire as my early birthday present. Yay! :)

Later we went to this mall called 'Grande' (The size is comparable to Sunway Pyramid). Unlike malls over here with a lot of open spaces and shoplots, this whole mall is one whole departmental store. Meaning, they fully utilize every floor. Imagine, going down the escalator to the shoe-department. It was FLOODED with shoes! I didn't even know where to start. Hehe..

Our last stop for the day was Hard Rock Cafe ;) To be more specific, we went to the Hard Rock Store. Got t-shirts for myself, Mer, a colleague (who asked for it) and one each for my brothers. Actually there were 6, how come I'm short by 1? Ah, nevermind.

The next day we went to the 'Grande' mall again. This time to cover the batik floor which we forgot to go the day before. Got some souvenirs and a pretty pink sarong.

Then went on a 2-hour drive to this place called ITC (not a computer/electronic store). That place is best for bargains and its choices. Good thing we had my aunt to bring us around. She got us really good bargains. One important thing that I got done over there is: I ordered my invitation cards :D

The 3rd day, we we went back to ITC since we didn't finish covering that one also. This time it didn't take so long to get there coz the traffic was a lot better. (Through my observation, not 1 minute goes without the sound of vehicles honking).

Later we visited a granduncle of mine. He used to be an IGP (high ranked police in Indonesia). It was my first time meeting him as well, same goes for my mom. He still looks and speaks a lot like a police. His house was HUGE that it almost felt scary to be around at night.

That was the last stop for us. We packed our stuff and prepare for the flight the next day. I planned to get more souvenirs at the airport and send a postcard to my boss (she collects them). Had to scrape the plan. The traffic was quite bad that we were 15 minutes late to check in. Lucky thing we were still allowed to board.

But our 21kg access baggage added to our delay. The amount due was about Rp350,000. We only had Rp120,000 in cash left and they didn't accept credit cards, I think. So they agreed to make do with what we had and asked us to hurry up. Hehe..

So that was my trip. Hooray! Pictures you ask? Well, here's the thing: my aunt was the one who did all the snapping (with her camera). She said she'll burn them in a CD for us to bring home. But we were in a rush that she didn't have time to do it. But her husband will be coming here soon. So he'll pass it to us then. In the mean time, we just hafta wait.

As of now, I'm back at work getting on with normal life. A bit relaxed today but will be very hectic soon. Hopefully I'll have time to write more often. Layta! ;)

Friday, September 02, 2005

I'm A Fan

I am a big fan of Afdlin Shauki's.

I might not have mentioned this much before but he has been in my Friendster's Who I Want To Meet for quite a while. (Actually I might've seen him around TV3 once but suddenly overcame with shyness and walked away..haha!) His talents remind me of the late P Ramlee: Comedian, actor, director, singer, composer. How often do you get that nowadays?

While other people were busy at work, I was relaxing at my comfy home in the middle of the afternoon reading the papers. That was when I came across an article on him. Waddaya know..they say he's P Ramlee in the making! There was also mention of his blog. I quickly visited it and it was so much fun reading them and getting into the his head.

Believe it or not, I've been on leave from last week up to next week. 3 whole weeks! But it hasn't been much of a leave for me. I went to work anyway, although I come and go as I please. I just had to get an episode done within my leave (which includes the shooting, editing and scripting). If I don't, I might just get my ass kicked by them bosses. We are short of people ya know.

I'll be on my way to Jakarta tomorrow for 5 whole days. Woohoo! It will just be my mom and me. We'll be staying at a relative's place. With accomodation saved, we get to do a whole lot more shopping. Yes!

It is Mer's birthday today! I'll describe what I got him once I've given him the gift(s). As for tonight, we'll be out on a romantic dinner ;)

Happy '20-something' Birthday Mer!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Kawe Kechek Kelate

Birthday shoutouts to my 2 best friends, who happen to share the same birthday, the same birth place, same doctor and went to the same schools. Mun happens to be the pengantin baru and Heydeq just got back from UK and started her job this week, as I've heard. Congrats!

Happy 23rd Birthday, Mun!

Happy 23rd Birthday, Heydeq!

My trip to Kelantan was great! It was the first time I went on the plane alone. The other people involved came 2 days later. The Kelantan crew (who brought me around) just love eating. So they brought me to various eating places. One place I remember was the one beside a river. Very calm with no sounds of vehicles passing by, but fishes jumping around the surface of the water.

The hospital people are a very nice bunch. They made us feel very welcomed by serving buffet for everyone at least twice a day, mainly breakfast and lunch. Breakfast was not just sandwiches, but Nasi Dagang, Nasi Kerabu and such. One time I had Nasi Tumpang, which I like very much! Then there was also Nasi Kukus. Hey, they're all rice dishes eh?

Even the patient's family were very nice (Reminder: I interview patients and shoot their operations). We went for a shoot at the patient's house in Pasir Mas. They served us like kings, I tell you! Lauk of all kinds, fruits and appetizers of all kinds! One whole dining table full of food!

Before I left, I stopped by at Siti Khatijah Market to get some Kelantan specialties. Bought 3 packets of serundings, 8 packets of local snacks (small karipaps and crispy popiah-like crust stuffed with serunding) and of course, some keropoks. I left with just 1 luggage and came back with 2 extra boxes filled with Siti Khatijah Market goodies :D

It has been a while since I've posted pictures on this blog. Wait no more! Here they are. Since fotopages is often cranky and protests by not loading the pictures, do go to my fotopage if you can't view them here. Also, they are more complete there ;) But I don't have pictures of Kelantan though.

During the HUGE Fibroid operation

Favourite after-work activity, jamming!

Recent visit to the saloon