Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Check out this picture I got of this guy. See those 2 ghostly-looking beings?? Creepy!!

Ok2..that's my friend, Rie, and I during the launching of Sure Heboh last Thursday..hehe!

I bet no one got the shock of their life since I already mentioned about it earlier last week (unless you didn't read my post or somehow recognized me in that horrible physical state).We were involved with Misteri Nusantara's gimmick on that day. Here's how it went:

Zainal Ariffin (the host of the show) was addressing the crowd, telling them not to overly believe in paranormals as they are usually our illusion. The word "ilusi" (illusion) was our cue. We were at an open area on the 2nd floor, looking down at the crowd below. The spotlight and the camera was zoomed at us, while 2 of Misteri Nusantara's journalists were on stage acting as ghost-hunters and supposedly ran off stage to catch us. When the spotlight was off us, Zainal continued addressing the crowd and then the producer ended the gimmick by promoting the show.

Cool, eh? :D

After the gimmick, we had to go downstairs to Misteri Nusantara's booth (costume and make up still on). We used the service elevator. Both of us were putting on the serious (thus scary) looking face just to scare anyone that might be in the elevator when the door opens. And walaa! 3 guys screamed like girls! Ahahahaha..

Once we reached downstairs, we were treated like Disney cartoon characters at Disneyland. So many people wanted to take pictures with us. Besides being part of the Misteri Nusantara's booth attraction, we went around the place and met people as well. To check out more pictures, click on the gory picture above.

I didn't get much relaxation last weekend as I was working on Saturday and Sunday for more than half the day respectively. I was on some interesting assignments for the past week. I checked out how people make test tube babies, attended a spine surgery and interviewed a 17-year-old girl who had scoliosis (medical term for curved spine). Among all, I'm very amazed with the test tube baby.

The embriologist (yes, I never knew there was such profession) has to catch 1 sperm by looking through a microscope that is 400x magnified, and then insert it into the egg. The guy sure has good eyesight and tremendous hand-eye coordination.

Last Saturday evening, my brothers and I went to USJ's Futsal place. I went to see them, Mer, Mer's brother and some other family members/friends play. Mer's mom, sis and nephew were around to give support too..ehehe! It can be considered as a bonding session I suppose :D

Uh yeah, just got myself VE's new album, "For You"! Happy happy joy joy! :D It's definitely worth the wait coz the songs in there are GREAT I tell you! All tracks are created and produced by VE themselves. There are mostly english songs with only 4 malay numbers. The english songs are internation standard to me, seriously! If I didn't know it was them, it would never occur to me that it's locally made. And the malay songs aren't to be understated. The ballads can make young girls weak in the knees and there's one song where they incorporated R&B with the retro music of Pop Ye Ye..superb! I like! :D


Anonymous said...

irin, omecool20 here .. is it really good the VE album ? I saw it semalam in the record shop .. what abt ruffedge's also ? Fyi, I have been wanting to buy their albums ..but not sure which one to get ..

u do look scary :-p ..jgn selalu buat mcm tu .. hehehe

Irin said...

Lets see now..

Ruffedge's music is more hip hop RnB and VE's is RnB soul. Ruffedge target group is teenagers, VE's is the appeals more to the urban group.Ruffedge has more Malay songs, VE has more English.

Both have their own style so it's up to you to pick which suites your interest. If you ask me, I would buy VE's album coz it's the latest..hehe!

Anonymous said...

omecool20 here .. ok :-) Will check it out .. thanks !