Monday, December 20, 2004

My day in the operating theater

Today, I attended a surgery to remove a part of a man's digestive system caused by cancer. The doctor cut open the person from his chest to somewhere above the crotch. Did you know they don't use knife to cut a person open anymore? They use burning laser instead, to minimize the loss of blood I was told. Burning laser+flesh = not a very pleasant smell.

I was in there for about 3 hours, looking over the doctors and nurses's shoulders to see what they were doing. Pretty interesting stuff :D I won't go into details to protect the weak :P Just watch Medik TV tentatively on 22nd January 2005, to see it for yourself.

TV3 will be launching Sure Heboh 2005 this Thursday night at Sri Pentas. I was told that there will be booths for various in-house programs which one of it will be Misteri Nusantara. My colleague and I were told to become the ghosts. Some others will be the bomohs and other characters. Should be drop by!

In other updates, I'm getting engaged in February :D

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