Sunday, December 05, 2004

IT is me

I can't bring myself to format my PC. I saw its signs of sickness (occasional self-restart) for the past few months but it was still working, I thought it could wait. Now it's unconcious and in urgent need of CPR (format)!

I've backed up some files before it passed out but there are still some files in it that needs rescuing. Now this is where I get lazy. Now that it's unconcious, I gotta take out the hard disk and connect it to my other pc and transfer data through it. Maybe I could pay someone to do it for me? Anyone?

When I'm done with that, I must format the other PC as it has been affected by some stuff. So my task is now to format 2 PCs, with 1 needing immediate attention..but I'm not even lifting a finger yet. Come on Irin! You can dooo it!

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