Thursday, December 02, 2004

Go Ruffedge!

I'm so happy that Ruffedge is in the Juara Lagu Finals :D Before this I never actually took note of who's in and who's not. I do now since both VE and Ruffedge were nominated, plus me working in TV3 and having quite a number of TVs around the office and people tuning in to it. Bravo Ruffedge! Better luck next time VE..

Can't wait to get VE's debut album due this month. I heard their spanish-like song on the radio a few times and I just can't get enough of it. I'm also on the look out for James Baum's Skirts. It's so nice! Whoever has that MP3, please pass it to me..pleaseeee :D

This weekend will be filled with open houses yet again, especially on Saturday. I'll be at TV3's open house in the morning, aunt's in the afternoon, Lara's in the evening and Aleen's at night (a friend from Matrix Kuala Pilah). I hope I could make it to all houses. Like last weekend I missed Muna's :( I was at a wedding in Shah Alam and later Mer's relative's open house.

Oh yeah, below is a picture of my Rattan Cut Ring :) Click on the picture to go to my fotopages..

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