Sunday, December 19, 2004

Bringing VBM to life!

(In case you're wondering, VBM = Very Berry Merry)

Yes I'm BACK and I hope I won't go away for too long after this. Work has caught up with me that I hardly get a chance to do anything else when I'm home, besides watching TV and eat :D

I remember the time when I could spend the whole day staring at the PC til I could even have my meals in front of it. I would keep my MP3 list updated with the latest (coolest) songs, get the latest Smallville episodes, chat with friends and play online games til late night.

Things have definitely changed now..I haven't been listening to my MP3s, let alone downloading them. I haven't been downloading Smallville for weeks! Plus my PC that needs formatting is still not formatted til now, can't even switch it on anymore.

The IT graduate leading a non-IT career is slowly drifting away from the IT lifestyle.

What has happened in the past 2 weeks you may ask? Well, let me recall..

Ah yes, I've been going out on assignments quite a lot for the past few weeks. Met doctors, hospital PR officers and CEO, President of an association and a few others (You may recall that I'm doing this medical documentary called Medik TV). Last Wednesday I went for a day trip to Malacca and I've been working for 2 consecutive Saturdays.

What's next? This coming Monday I'll be doing a shoot on a Colon Cancer surgery. I'll be in the Operating Theater with the operation gown, mask and sterilized..that should be an amazing experience :)

I know many people can't stand the sight of blood, seeing people being cut open and being able to look inside of a person's body and all. Not many cameramen are willing to go for an assignment involving surgeries. So far I haven't felt like fainting nor feel nauseated, so I guess I'm all good with that :D

And yes, with all the workload, I still enjoy my work much more than I did when I was in News. I don't even mind working overtime on weekends :) So with all the hard work that has been put into making's a lil bit of promo:

Watch the all new 2nd season of Medik TV starting on 1st Jan 2005, Saturday, at 5pm..only on TV3 :D

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