Friday, December 31, 2004


It's the flu/cough season. Many people I know are coughing or sniffing along. Even Mer's been coughing and lost his voice at one point (there goes his class). And today, I'm feeling some discomfort in my throat. But I could never forgo my daily dose of chocolate and ice lemon tea..hehe! And I just finished half a glass of vanilla coke :D

I finally did some shopping today after a few erm....weeks..hehe! It feels like such a long time. Oh well, MNG is girls' shopping destination now for sure. The discounts are crazy! Thought I could save some money this month (I successfully did that last month), but it seems that everytime I have a bit of cash in hand, I tend to use it till the very last Ringgit. Oh the desire!

Ok, that's the last shopping session for me this month. Oh wait, there's only 1 more day left in this month and year. Man, it's 2005 already? How time flies. It has been such a life-changing year and can't wait to see what 2005 has instored :)

Happy New Year everyone! And lets pray for the victims of Tsunami..

Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Check out this picture I got of this guy. See those 2 ghostly-looking beings?? Creepy!!

Ok2..that's my friend, Rie, and I during the launching of Sure Heboh last Thursday..hehe!

I bet no one got the shock of their life since I already mentioned about it earlier last week (unless you didn't read my post or somehow recognized me in that horrible physical state).We were involved with Misteri Nusantara's gimmick on that day. Here's how it went:

Zainal Ariffin (the host of the show) was addressing the crowd, telling them not to overly believe in paranormals as they are usually our illusion. The word "ilusi" (illusion) was our cue. We were at an open area on the 2nd floor, looking down at the crowd below. The spotlight and the camera was zoomed at us, while 2 of Misteri Nusantara's journalists were on stage acting as ghost-hunters and supposedly ran off stage to catch us. When the spotlight was off us, Zainal continued addressing the crowd and then the producer ended the gimmick by promoting the show.

Cool, eh? :D

After the gimmick, we had to go downstairs to Misteri Nusantara's booth (costume and make up still on). We used the service elevator. Both of us were putting on the serious (thus scary) looking face just to scare anyone that might be in the elevator when the door opens. And walaa! 3 guys screamed like girls! Ahahahaha..

Once we reached downstairs, we were treated like Disney cartoon characters at Disneyland. So many people wanted to take pictures with us. Besides being part of the Misteri Nusantara's booth attraction, we went around the place and met people as well. To check out more pictures, click on the gory picture above.

I didn't get much relaxation last weekend as I was working on Saturday and Sunday for more than half the day respectively. I was on some interesting assignments for the past week. I checked out how people make test tube babies, attended a spine surgery and interviewed a 17-year-old girl who had scoliosis (medical term for curved spine). Among all, I'm very amazed with the test tube baby.

The embriologist (yes, I never knew there was such profession) has to catch 1 sperm by looking through a microscope that is 400x magnified, and then insert it into the egg. The guy sure has good eyesight and tremendous hand-eye coordination.

Last Saturday evening, my brothers and I went to USJ's Futsal place. I went to see them, Mer, Mer's brother and some other family members/friends play. Mer's mom, sis and nephew were around to give support too..ehehe! It can be considered as a bonding session I suppose :D

Uh yeah, just got myself VE's new album, "For You"! Happy happy joy joy! :D It's definitely worth the wait coz the songs in there are GREAT I tell you! All tracks are created and produced by VE themselves. There are mostly english songs with only 4 malay numbers. The english songs are internation standard to me, seriously! If I didn't know it was them, it would never occur to me that it's locally made. And the malay songs aren't to be understated. The ballads can make young girls weak in the knees and there's one song where they incorporated R&B with the retro music of Pop Ye Ye..superb! I like! :D

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

You know you are watching a Malay movie when..

I was going through my e-mails and found this one which I received from one half of the twins, Ilin. Good one!

  1. The hero looks too old to be a 20 years old biker (read: Rosyam Noor in KL Menjerit), the heroin looks too 'Erra Fazira' (Wait a minute. It is Erra Fazira celluloid invasion!) and the mother of the hero looks too underaged to be a mother.
  2. To resolve matters of the heart, the venue of choice is always at the beach. The girl, with a pair of fake Gucci sunglasses on her head, will occupy the space under one coconut tree, while the boy will take an adjacent one. They will refer to themselves as 'I' and 'You', and the scene will climax with the girl's face streaked with tears 'You beritahu I sekarang, you masih cintakan I ke tidak', and the boy will run his hand through his hair (An expression of Malay angst, described by the word, 'frust menonggeng'). Oh yeah, they will then spend 10 minutes bellowing some sappy-romantic tunes on the top of their lungs even when the passerby are ogling curiously.
  3. On the deathbed, the terminally-ill will tend to see the light, especially when surrounded by those who he or she has wronged. There will always be time to beg forgiveness from everyone (full grammatically-correct sentence, mind you) before the last breath is exhaled, usually reserved for the all-important mengucap (repentance), which is the definitive sign of insaf (konon-kononnya lah)
  4. At the hospital, a doctor will always be ambushed by anxious relatives,who will ask: 'Bagaimana keadaan dia sekarang, doktor?'.The doctor will look serious and tentative (most of the time, looks too dodgy to become a doc) maybe sigh a bit, before finally replying, 'Keadaan dia stabil.Tetapi dia perlu banyak berehat.' The doctor will also be carrying a clipboard.
  5. The hero ca n gasp in awe looking at Sepang F1 Circuit, KLIA and The Petronas Twin Towers as he had just realized how developed Malaysia is after studying abroad for 7 years. (read: Cinta Kolestrol). Ever heard of Internet, Yusry? Pathetic.
  6. Rendezvous/date is carried out at some dim-litted coffee house or fancy restaurant and the only drink you and your partner will order is orange juice. Other drinks like sirap limau or teh tarik are not classy enough. Somehow during the conversation, you will sip your drink bit by bit but never finish it all in gusto.
  7. The boss of a company sits at his desk, usually writing longhand notes. There is no laptop nor computer on his desk. There are many ring files at the cabinet behind him. To show how important he is in the company, when he leaves his office, he tells his secretary, 'Kalau orang telefon, cakap saya ada appointment dengan Tan Sri/Dato'/Tengku. Bimbo looking secretary would smile sheepishly while playing with her chemically damaged hair.
  8. Only baddies, like delinquents and drug peddlers go to nightclubs. The only good people in nightclubs are undercover policemen.
  9. Brain tumours are cancers of choice, because sufferers get dizzy and tend to faint melodramatically. Cervical and breast cancer are like, you know, private. As for lung, colon and testicular cancer, they're just not as aesthetic on those CAT scans as the ghostly cerebral ones.
  10. Hari Raya is the best time for character transformations. The sound ofthe Aidilfitri prayer call on Hari Raya morning is enough to send drug addicts, glue sniffers, drunkards, adulterers, street gang members and girls who wear too much make up into depths of remorse. Unbelievable, innit?
  11. There is always a Tan Sri/Dato' Sri/ Dato'/ Tengku...and their childrenis the stereotypical "anak Dato'" complete with accent and bitchy attitute.

Monday, December 20, 2004

My day in the operating theater

Today, I attended a surgery to remove a part of a man's digestive system caused by cancer. The doctor cut open the person from his chest to somewhere above the crotch. Did you know they don't use knife to cut a person open anymore? They use burning laser instead, to minimize the loss of blood I was told. Burning laser+flesh = not a very pleasant smell.

I was in there for about 3 hours, looking over the doctors and nurses's shoulders to see what they were doing. Pretty interesting stuff :D I won't go into details to protect the weak :P Just watch Medik TV tentatively on 22nd January 2005, to see it for yourself.

TV3 will be launching Sure Heboh 2005 this Thursday night at Sri Pentas. I was told that there will be booths for various in-house programs which one of it will be Misteri Nusantara. My colleague and I were told to become the ghosts. Some others will be the bomohs and other characters. Should be drop by!

In other updates, I'm getting engaged in February :D

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Bringing VBM to life!

(In case you're wondering, VBM = Very Berry Merry)

Yes I'm BACK and I hope I won't go away for too long after this. Work has caught up with me that I hardly get a chance to do anything else when I'm home, besides watching TV and eat :D

I remember the time when I could spend the whole day staring at the PC til I could even have my meals in front of it. I would keep my MP3 list updated with the latest (coolest) songs, get the latest Smallville episodes, chat with friends and play online games til late night.

Things have definitely changed now..I haven't been listening to my MP3s, let alone downloading them. I haven't been downloading Smallville for weeks! Plus my PC that needs formatting is still not formatted til now, can't even switch it on anymore.

The IT graduate leading a non-IT career is slowly drifting away from the IT lifestyle.

What has happened in the past 2 weeks you may ask? Well, let me recall..

Ah yes, I've been going out on assignments quite a lot for the past few weeks. Met doctors, hospital PR officers and CEO, President of an association and a few others (You may recall that I'm doing this medical documentary called Medik TV). Last Wednesday I went for a day trip to Malacca and I've been working for 2 consecutive Saturdays.

What's next? This coming Monday I'll be doing a shoot on a Colon Cancer surgery. I'll be in the Operating Theater with the operation gown, mask and sterilized..that should be an amazing experience :)

I know many people can't stand the sight of blood, seeing people being cut open and being able to look inside of a person's body and all. Not many cameramen are willing to go for an assignment involving surgeries. So far I haven't felt like fainting nor feel nauseated, so I guess I'm all good with that :D

And yes, with all the workload, I still enjoy my work much more than I did when I was in News. I don't even mind working overtime on weekends :) So with all the hard work that has been put into making's a lil bit of promo:

Watch the all new 2nd season of Medik TV starting on 1st Jan 2005, Saturday, at 5pm..only on TV3 :D

Sunday, December 05, 2004

IT is me

I can't bring myself to format my PC. I saw its signs of sickness (occasional self-restart) for the past few months but it was still working, I thought it could wait. Now it's unconcious and in urgent need of CPR (format)!

I've backed up some files before it passed out but there are still some files in it that needs rescuing. Now this is where I get lazy. Now that it's unconcious, I gotta take out the hard disk and connect it to my other pc and transfer data through it. Maybe I could pay someone to do it for me? Anyone?

When I'm done with that, I must format the other PC as it has been affected by some stuff. So my task is now to format 2 PCs, with 1 needing immediate attention..but I'm not even lifting a finger yet. Come on Irin! You can dooo it!

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Go Ruffedge!

I'm so happy that Ruffedge is in the Juara Lagu Finals :D Before this I never actually took note of who's in and who's not. I do now since both VE and Ruffedge were nominated, plus me working in TV3 and having quite a number of TVs around the office and people tuning in to it. Bravo Ruffedge! Better luck next time VE..

Can't wait to get VE's debut album due this month. I heard their spanish-like song on the radio a few times and I just can't get enough of it. I'm also on the look out for James Baum's Skirts. It's so nice! Whoever has that MP3, please pass it to me..pleaseeee :D

This weekend will be filled with open houses yet again, especially on Saturday. I'll be at TV3's open house in the morning, aunt's in the afternoon, Lara's in the evening and Aleen's at night (a friend from Matrix Kuala Pilah). I hope I could make it to all houses. Like last weekend I missed Muna's :( I was at a wedding in Shah Alam and later Mer's relative's open house.

Oh yeah, below is a picture of my Rattan Cut Ring :) Click on the picture to go to my fotopages..