Wednesday, November 10, 2004

We Are The World, We Are The Children has been one hectic week for me! Not that it's that interesting to be told in detail. Went to many places which include an Indian massage center (work purposes please), MIC HQ (got the chance to listen to Samy more please! My ears just recovered from shock), KLIA, Putrajaya and a few other places.

This morning I met a couple who came over to Sri Pentas asking for our help in finding their lost child. Poor folks, I'm suprised they pulled themselves together really well and didn't cry, although the mother almost did. I was told that I could've somewhat "pushed" her a lil bit in order to make those tears come out. Tsk tsk..bad colleague, he is.

And it's devastating to know that the mother who was in coma for weeks after being kicked off the bike by snatch thieves, died this afternoon. I was so hoping she could make it, although her chances were slim. With the baby and all, it's very sad indeed. What has the world turned into??

So my fellow girlfriends, do take good care of yourselves when you're out on the streets and even when you drive. Be aware of your surroundings, keep away from dark isolated places and always keep your car locked. If you wanna stage an assult-scene, find a location without CCTV :P

This public awareness message was brought to you by mua.

Birthday shout out for my buddy Hanz (Solo?) or is it Anakin wannabe? Ah well, here goes:

Happy Birthday 22nd Hanz!

(Hanz on a Palace of Golden Horses's horse)

Note: I had a choice of posting a picture of us or a kinky one of his where he was showing his rear end to the camera while going on the horse..hahahah..but I guess this is just nice ;) Hanz, open table after raya right? :D

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