Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A thankful 16 year old

I'm just sharing this bit and I'm not being arrogant or anything, but this is what I've been told by many people:
I'm very lucky to have landed a job that many would want and difficult to get.

I remember many people applied back then and some compete in the PONDs Inspirasiku to be in my shoes. This being my first job and enjoying it, all I can say is Alhamdulillah for all that God has given me..

I never thought I would end up in this line of job, at least not seriously. I always saw myself as being a housewife or a princess..haha! Now that I'm here, I give my 100% in all I do, eventhough I might not like News Department very much. But it will be over about 2 weeks time then I get to proceed with other things that I prefer. I couldn't have done it without the support from my family, friends and Mer *huggies*

Anyways, here's the usual conversation I get with people at work..

dude/chick: where are you from?
me: from multimedia university
d/c: miim? (formerly known as akademi tv3)
me: no no..mmu, in cyberjaya
d/c: oooh that one! so how long is your practical?
me: i'm not a practical student, i'm a contract staff
d/c: oh really? i thought you're a trainee
me: *giggle* no i'm not
d/c: what did you study? mass comm?
me: no, I did IT
d/c: did you get into broadcasting?
me: (bla bla bla..)
d/c: how do u like it so far?
me: it's been great..been learning a lot
d/c: so you're attached to news/magazine?
me: technically no..(i go on explaining my situation which they find confusing)
d/c: i see.. in the end they will decide where to put you or you decide?
me: they decide but I guess I get to let them know my preference
d/c: so which department do u like most?
me: i have yet to decide (although I have very much made up my mind :P)

Every bit in that conversation is true. Even the MIIM part. I can't give them the abbreviation, MMU, at first coz it's not very well known over there. Sad but true :(

And yes, many think I'm a trainee. That's what I get for looking like a 16 year old..muahaha :P

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