Saturday, November 27, 2004

Rattan Cut Ring

I've been trying to keep this to myself for the past week. Glad that I've been busy to keep my mind off it..haha! I HAVE been busy for the past week with work. But at the same time I was busy preparing for today. I had family members coming over today and I was the reason why they were here.

Mer's family came over to scout me..hehe! They came to merisik! :D Because of this I also learnt something new, Cincin Belah Rotan (Direct Translation: Rattan Cut Ring). Imagine The One Ring in LOTR, it's similar except without the scribbles and evil spell. No rattan involved :P

Anyways, I received that ring from his side, as a sign of acceptance, I think. I'm so lost in these things so correct me if I'm wrong :) No dates have been set just yet. Hmm..we can't be considered as engaged just yet. Let's just say we're pre-engaged :D

This is another life-changing experience for me in 2004 :) I'm so excited, I can't hide it..hehe!

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