Sunday, November 07, 2004

Marvelous Blazin' Dudette

I dreaded going to work today since it's a Sunday and I've been off from work for the last 4 days. But my day started quite well actually. First thing I did was watch The Incredibles Special Screening! It was a very good movie indeed. To add more joy, I got a Cadbury goodie bag! Everyone knows I love chocolates :D Weeee...

Thought it was all over for the day. I could've gone home at 5 if nothing else came up and I could've joined my family for break fast at my granny's. But noooo..they just HAD to assign me to another story at 4 pm. I was out of the office at that time for some fresh air with my colleague and they actually called me up. Assign to someone else laaa :(

But I couldn't say that so I obliged. Went to KL Tower to check out an event organized by MMU students, 36 hours non-stop debate. To be included in the Malaysian Book of Records. Very enthusiastic bunch of organizers, very proud of them. I made the effort in mentioning MMU a few times in the story I wrote :D

Lucky thing the sponsored food at the office was good today. I left quite late waiting for my family to get back from granny's. I'm glad to be home. Now I can watch my newly-downloaded Smallville season 4 episode 7..yesss! I smell jealousy from some of you peeps. Don't worry, I'll write down the spoilers real soon...muahaha! :P

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