Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Hari Raya..yeaaaah!

I am so glad I got a day off for Hari Raya. I don't mind working throughout this whole week, as long as I get the first day off. That's when I would go about my routine for every 1st Raya, spend from day to night visiting relatives around KL - start with my granny's (mom's side) in the day, and end the night at my Pak Ngah's place (dad's side).

The picture below was taken at my Pak Ngah's. Click on it to see more..

(From left: Cousin Farah, me, nieces Natrah and Intan)

Started work on 2nd day of Raya. I was in such a festive mood that I wore a baju kurung to work. I was expecting to go to some VIP's open house but nooo..I had to cover an accident at the highway towards Nilai (N9). When we got to the location, the accident was at the other side of the road. So there I was with my baju kurung, crossing the highway and going over the divider. I'll leave that to your imagination :P

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