Friday, November 19, 2004

10 years after primary school reunion

I was chillin' at home, watching the 2-hour season premier of Amazing Race when Mun called me up. Some primary school buddies of ours, Taf and Fazleem, dropped by her place for Raya and according to Mun, they wanted to meet Alia and me.

These primary school buddies, who were more like hi-bye friends all this while, turned out to be interesting actually. We shared stories on what we've been doing for the past half our life while having some ketupats, lemangs and cakes.

Then we played foosball til past midnight. The next day was a working day for Alia and me so we called it quits after countless rounds, not only because we needed the sleep but coz we won too many times..hahaha! :P

It was a lot of fun hanging out and getting to know these people again. At least if they hear my name next time, they won't recall that tall, big-sized, bunny-teethed, high-ponytailed 12-year-old me..hehe!

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moona said...

Wow...10 years... has it been *that* long? Guh, I wouldn't recognize the people from primary school at all - and I don't think ppl would remember me... much. Or maybe they would seeing that my face (and hairstyle) hasn't changed AT ALL.

Except that I've gotten bulat-er LOL