Wednesday, October 06, 2004

@ work

My day at the office..

Chapter 1 - Amirah
This is the first time I'm writing at work. My colleague, Amirah, is pastering me to write about her. So there you have it, Amirah Alkaff everyone :D

Ok2, that was too short. Gotta continue..

Amirah's pants have buttons from knee down and Naz wants to open them ALL..kinky stuff happening at work eh? On the other hand, she wants Adli to take off HIS pants, coz apparently she HAS to sew it - there's a hole near one of his pockets.

Chapter 2 - Cerekarama
There's this office drama going on between Amirah and a particular journalist. He likes her, he thinks she likes him when actually she was just being friendly, he wants to ask her out, she doesn't want, he insisted and someone else signed his name in the SMS that she sent him. That sparked a controversy and would've led violence if they happen to meet face to face.

The power a lady have over men..muahahaha >:) I don't wanna mention names but this so-called journalist, is a very 'well-liked' journalist. FAT, BALD, and loves CRIME. Do the Math. (She wrote that :P)

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