Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Muahaha..I'm off from work today :D I had a pretty busy 3 days of work and I wanna make the best out of today. Had a long good night sleep (about 11 hours) and had so many things planned. But I just realised that there isn't any car at home :( Gotta wait for daddy to come back..hopefully really soon.

Guess where I broke fast last Sunday..
On a Marine Police yacht in the middle of Straights of Malacca :D

And guess what I had..
A whole lot of galah prawns and 3 kinds of fish cooked in 3 different styles :D

Guess how many rounds I had..
Well, actually it's no biggie..only 2 :D

And guess what I did before that..
I got to see those marine police in action. They inspected 2 boats carrying Indons with a whole lot of stuff for transporting. They didn't make any captures though. But I did get to see those men holding guns and wearing bullet-prove vests...very cool! :D

The media was invited to see the marine police at work and also for break fast. Very nice people, they are. It was totally opposite from where I broke fast the day before that, at Jalan Masjid India..hehe! This one was a whole lot of fun. And no, I didn't get sea-sick at all. Lets do that again! I hope to be able to go on the heli one day ;)

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