Saturday, October 30, 2004

November Rains

Woah..where did all the time go? Just when I thought I just graduated, feeling very fresh and young, now it's close to the end of 2004! I'm turning 23 next year! Aaaaa...the horrorr!! All of the sudden I feel so old..*checks for wrinkles*

That reminds me, I've mentioned before that 2004 would be a prominent year in my life as this is the year my life advance forward in a lot of aspects. Lets see now, I've graduated, started working..hey that's about it so far! But that's a huge step. There are 2 more months before the end of 2004 and it's still not too late for any other advances to happen. Lets wait and see. Check on me on 31st Dec '04 ;)

So when 2005 comes, when people ask how old I am, do I say 20 or 21? Hmmm..that's a thought to ponder upon..hehe! Hey, I look 16 ok :P Just imagine me in a school uniform with a ponytail and a lollypop.

If I'm able to go back in time, say til I was 15, I would change a lot of things, like not hook up with some guys. I wasn't a player, mind you :P Just that I had a bad history in relationships until I finally met Mer *wink* Somehow, it has helped me appreciate him much more. Know what I mean? (I can feel Mer smiling while reading this. Here's a smile back at ya! :D)

One thing I wouldn't change is the friends I've made, especially the chicks. They've been around to see me at my lowest of the lowest, seen the good and evil(?) side of me, seen me at my worse appearance(?) and they still stick to me anyways. They are such sweethearts and I love them all :D Friends come and go but the true ones never go (did I say that right?).

Ah, enough. I feel like a granny telling her grandchildren her teenage story :P Come along kids..

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