Saturday, October 23, 2004

Note to all: Only kids can order kid's meal

Last night went break fasting at Pizza Hut Sunway with Mer, Boolat, Najhan, Red-eyed Lara whom I suggested for her to wear an eye-patch ala Angelina Jolie in Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow AND her other half..ehehe..

It was inconjunction with Boolat's 22nd birthday celebration. We had a good time exchanging stories and making fun of this malay couple at this other table who couldn't get their hands off each other. I know it's not good especially during Ramadan but I just can't help it! I tried not saying anything about them but the way they were behaving, it's as if they screamed to be made fun of. Get what I mean? :D

Ah, enough about them. Lara has difficulty choosing her food. Since she came quite late, we (Boolat, Mer and me) thought of ordering a kid's meal for her. So we called the waitress, and started ordering. It turns out, we were not eligible to order the kid's meal. We hafta be 12 & below! we know, haha!

We did take a few pictures but not with my camera. Gotta wait for Mer or Najhan to pass me them pics. Hurry up guys!

Oh, did I mention that I just got back from work? Got home at 10 tonight, feeling very2 tired and I can't sleep in tomorrow coz it's a working day for meeee.... Goodnight world and sweet dreams everyone. I'm out..zzZz..

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