Saturday, October 09, 2004

Malaysian Idol @ Genting

Went karaoke again last Wednesday night. It turns out it was ladies night, so no cover charge for us girls :D It was so much fun. I came to realise that karaoke can be addictive coz I can't seem to get enough of it. Should get a karaoke set at home one day.

Yesterday I had a full day. Woke up around 4 something (4 am that is), had to report to work at 5 am to attend a show's live transmission from KLIA. Left the office at 4 pm coz I had transportation problems. (Note to self: gotta get a car)

Hurried back to the office again at 5 pm to meet up with some colleagues to go to Genting Arena of Stars to catch Malaysia Idols Grand Finals! :D If you think they sounded good on TV, imagine it live! Had goosebumbs..hehe..The show was great, Jac blew away the show with her definately-kalah-fantasia-barrino voice and I brought back that big Hand back home as rememberance.

Got home at 1 am and collapse to bed soon after..what a day!

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hausaki said...

i'll buy u a car if u marry