Sunday, October 31, 2004

Counter attack

What a day! The game was strategized really well. Went across the street, took all 4 corners of the field and brought everything together just in time to make a pitstop at some phone booths and for break fast at home!

What game am I talking about? Shopping! Hehe..

Went to Isetan Lot 10 late in the evening today (parked at Sungei Wang). Got everything I needed at one place. I was suprised on how many things that caught my eyes at the Isetan Sale. The discounts were jaw-dropping! Believe it or not, I saved over RM300! Couldn't have done it without Mer. He's so supportive in giving comments and suggestions :D

We checked out some handphones before we for home. Yes, I'm phone-hunting and I've got my sight on some pretty interesting ones. I'm still open to any other recommendations though. So by all means, give me some models (handphone models that is :P).

Over all, it was fairly quick. Left for KL at 4 something and we managed to get home in time for break fast at my place. Lets do that again! Hehe..


Anonymous said...

hey i'd recommend the nokia 3210. VERY strong and tahan lasak, seriously you can even baling kat snatch thieves and then after that you can still use the phone to call the police.

Akeji Hiroshi (formerly known as Mr. Ajai) said...

my Nokia N70 baru je jatuh dari motor mase saya sedang ride in kajang hiway...

walaupon tak sempat digilis tayar kete kancil yg kebetulan lalu, but still teh momentom of the crash + kelajuan saya tgh speed waktu tu, sepatutnya telah menjahanamkan henset saya yg murah tu...

surprisingly, saya cuma perlu tukar casing yg baru serta tukar simkad (sbb simkad saya terlupa nak kutip after casing pecah dan terburai tuh)

hebat bukan?