Monday, October 04, 2004

Catching up with them peeps

Last Sunday Mer and me met up with Lara, Boolat, Hanz and Lara's other half, Kamarul. It was another post-birthday celebration and suprised me with a chocolate cake! (with candles showing that I'm 32, thanx to Lara :P) They just knew how much I love chocolate. So sweet of them :D

After that we went for a few rounds of foosball and pool. It was a very fun day indeed :) Hoping to meet up again before the fasting month for more fun, karaoke maybe? Hehe..

Oh yes, remember the theater titled Tat Nenas, the one I went to about 2 months back? Well, they became champions of the Malaysian Theater Festival and won RM15,000! They will be staging it yet again in April next year. This time at Istana Budaya! Bravo! Bravo! I'm so proud to be an MMU graduate :D Just in case anyone forgets, the theater originated from MMU :P

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cartoon said... tak nampak. i was one of da student kat dj..senior u.plz emel me saw u last time kat ou...