Sunday, September 05, 2004

We are family

Spent my day at Sunway Lagoon for TV3's family day. Mer couldn't come along with me coz the entry was only for 1 person (if you're not married). It would've been more fun if he was around. But it was fun playing around in the wave pool, going down the really wicked and twisted water slide and meeting Ruffedge (and Zahid and Farah of AF2).

I'm the kind of person who doesn't like being under the sun that much. Sometimes I feel like a vampire..hehe! But today I forced myself to enjoy the time under the sun and I have a feeling I am a weeee bit darker now at the hands and legs. Not sure about my face though..thank God for sunblocks :D

Oh yeah, I won 2 nights stay at Damai Laut thanx to the lucky draw..woohoo! There were more interesting prizes like handphones, electrical appliances and holidays overseas. Being around for less than a week, I feel so lucky to have actually won something ;)

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