Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I'm another year old

I'm 22!

I just loved being 21 and now it's no more :( Oh well, gotta grow up sometime right? Especially now that I'm already a working LADY :D Gotta think maturely (not that I've been childish all this while) and make mature decisions.

Had a pre-birthday dinner with Mer at TGI Fridays at OU the night before my birthday. We spent some quiet time together, since we haven't met that often for the past month (blame WORK!). He got me a handbag with a pair of pretty earrings hiding in them and they were put in a pretty pink box :D

Believe it or not, I spent about the whole of my birthday at Mine's Palace of the Golden Horses. TV3 had a function over there and we (my colleague and I) were needed there in the morning (function started at 5pm and ended at night). I dressed-to-kill that day and felt a lil bit overdressed but what the heck :D

And tonight I'll be having a family dinner somewhere around Damansara or Bangsar. Mer should be joining us there. Oh yes, gotta get ready and dress to murder...ahhaha..

Countdown to Alicia Keys's concert ---> 2 days!! (Note to self: get them tickets tomorrow)

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hausaki said...

kata kita member?...layan pun tidak...camna ni?...yelah2,happy birthday.