Wednesday, September 01, 2004

First day! First day!

Yay! First day of work!

Nothing much really. Haven't even got my own desk yet. I've been walking around the whole building to meet as many people as I can and introduce myself. Had to get to know how they go about their work and all..must be a bit of a busy body..hehe! They're like basic first day activities I suppose.

Tomorrow's another day and this time I'm starting very early in the morning. Very early as in 6 a.m. early. I feel sleepy just thinking about it *yawn* But the good thing is, I might get to go home at 3 if nothing else comes up :D

Oh yes, I may have to cut down on my posts now that I have a job. Hey, that sounds nice. I have a job! :D

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hausaki said...

way to go irin!!!....welcome to the society.good luck for tomorrow....nighty nite and sleep tight....