Friday, September 03, 2004

Celebrating my Mer

I got back from work early yesterday. Mer came over around 5 and we went out for a late lunch/an early dinner at this nice cosy restaurant and had icecream for dessert *slurp* Oh yes, I got him a pair of Nike sandals and a jar full of chocolate chip cookies that I made myself :D I brought part of the remaining cookies to office today just to give those people a taste.

Yess..survived my 1st half week of work :D It's quite OK so far. I get to meet many people including some VIPs and learn a lot at the same time. Tomorrow's suppose to be a day off for me but I'll be out observing an experienced Broadcast Journalist(BJ) at work. Should be fun ;)

And what luck..I started at just about the right time coz this weekend is TV3's family day! I get to socialize with many other TV3 staffs, which is essential for my job. Not forgetting the guest artist, Ruffedge. Oh yeah, there's also Zahid and Farah from AF2..not that I'm a big fan :P

Notice I've been talking too much about work? I guess that's what happens when work starts taking over your life. Let's move away from the subject for a while..I'm so in love with Usher and Alicia Key's "My Boo"! It's a definite future big hit. Listen to it! I've been listening to it over and over and's soooo nice! I like :D

Mer, you will always be my boo..hehe..

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