Sunday, August 01, 2004

Whose wedding?

I drove around with 4 lovely chicks today. First I fetched Heydeq (who stays near my place), then fetched the twins, Ilin & Ina (in DJ), and we made our way to UM to fetch Alia (who had her convo rehearsal). 5 of us attended a wedding of one of our schoolmates' sister (whom Heydeq and I couldn't recall who that schoolmate is until we saw her).

None of us brought along any gifts coz we didn't have the chance to buy it (excuses :P). Thought we could just sneak in before that schoolmate of ours notice us coming empty-handed. But she greeted us just as we entered the "wedding-ground".

I felt rather out of place coz I didn't know those people that well. But the twins insisted that we were all invited. We met a few other schoolmates and one of em is pregnant with the 2nd child! Aaargh..madness! We left soon after the groom's parade went by us :P

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