Saturday, August 07, 2004

Welcome to the slumber party

Phewww...what a night! It was the first time in quit a long time that I stayed up til morning without doing any assignments. Reached Berjaya Times Square Hotel at 9.30 pm and had dinner at Dome, Bintang Walk. I hardly go there at night time, so it's interesting to see the people passing by.

Oh yeah, Mun decided to suprise us by her presence last night..although Heydeq and me somewhat guessed it already after a phone call to her :P So in the end, everyone was there last night. After doing some stuff (I won't elaborate :P), Alia and me stayed up talking throughout the night while the rest couldn't help but to sleep.

Early morning we sent Mun off as she needed to be in UIA. Only then I got some shut eye.

In the afternoon, the 6 of us went back with Sha (she's the only one with the car). Note that we are all of small size so it IS possible to cramp 4 girls at the backseat of Kelisa :D Before ending our outing, Heydeq was so kind to pay for our lunch at Kelana Seafood Restaurant ;)

(At Kelana Seafood: (l to r) Ilin, Ina, Alia, Me, Heydeq, Sha)

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Anonymous said...

heya..wish we could do it again sometime..thanks girls..