Friday, August 06, 2004


Yesterday was one of those hectic days. After 2 interviews in the day, believe it or not, I went to a fun fair in UM that night :D I can't remember when was the last time I went to such place. I was with Alia and some of our Matrix Kuala Pilah friends that I haven't met for yearsss.. It was fun seeing them again.

We played some interesting games at the many2 stalls like Coconut Bowling and some other games which utilizes small hoops and ping-pong balls which I don't know how to name them. I realise that I suck at them coz I didn't win any prize :( My favourite has to be the Bumper Car. But RM4 per car is quite expensive so we only went on it once. Then we went on a pretty scary, fast, high and spinning ride which left us with a sore throat after all those "aAaaAaaaAAAAaaaa!!" Hehehe..

I'm so excited! Tonight I'll be on a slumber party with the chicks at a hotel in KL :D Everyone will be there except for Mun. She's busy with tournaments and such. It would feel more complete if only she could come along :(

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