Sunday, August 15, 2004


  1. Kinder Bueno
  2. Gold Rush (Mango Smoothie)
  3. Freo Cool (Mixed Fruits Smoothie)
  4. Fried Icecream
  5. 2 cans of Vanilla Coke
  6. Hershey's Almond Nuggets
  7. Peach Tart
  8. A slice of Chocolate Banana (Cake)

The list above is some of the snacks that I've had in the last 2-3 days. I now realise that I'm a sweet-tooth. Everytime I go out, I just must get something to satisfy my tastebuds and they aren't always cheap. If I'm on a budget then I would go for McD's small sized McTwist (vanilla+choc on a cone). They are so so tempting.. *slurp*

Too bad there's no icecream at home or I would have at least 2 scoops a day with various toppings. I missed Haagen Daz's icecream buffet last month. I'm sure it would've been value for money ;) I would love one of those icecream cakes too but they are waaay over my budget. Maybe one day *hint*hint* heheheh..:P All this talk about food is making me hungry..

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