Thursday, August 19, 2004

Pineapple Tart was awesome!

(From left: Amir (cast), Apak, Idaura, Me, Lin, Miaq)

Last night I catch the theater, Tat Nenas, at Malaysian Tourism Centre (beside Saloma Cafe) with Mer, Idaura, Boolat, Najhan and Boolat's friend, Miaq. Syu and Yan was suppose to join us but they couldn't make it. It was a really good show! It was pretty funny with some musical touch to it that made the show much more entertaining. I'm proud to be an ex-MMU student (although at times I still consider myself as a student to get discounts :P). They're staging their last show tonight, so it's still not too late for those who haven't seen it ;) It's suppose to be a blast tonight since many important people are coming to watch it.

We took some pictures before and after the show (click on the picture above to view them). Mer met his friend, Intan, who is part of the production team while I met my friend, Lin, with her boyfriend, Apak, whom I haven't met since I left MMU. There were many familiar faces too, whose names I couldn't recall.We ended the night with dinner/supper at Uncle Don, Sri Hartamas.

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