Thursday, August 12, 2004

Music and such..

For months I feel like days go by very fast. Well, like they say, time flies when you're having fun..hehe! I sometimes forget what day it is. Before you know it, another weekend went by. By the way, it's Thursday already??

Remember the new The Corrs CD I bought? I'm enjoying it very much! It still has the Irish plus pop-ish touch. It's highly recommended to every man, woman, young and old! I like all the songs but my favouriteST is: Long Night. It's a rather sad song that can make easily-emotional people cry..but not me please :P Wanna know what happens when Irish meets African? Listen to their title track, Borrowed Heaven.

Thanx to my friend, Aiman, I got to listen to the composer's version of Kaer(of AF)'s new song that he will sing in the finals, titled Kau Kembali. Very R&B..I like :D
(I bet Mer's gonna laugh at me when he reads this :P)

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